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Overview: August is a clever expression of ideas that is vibrating at a higher frequency in the head where thoughts create our reality. The vibrational pattern of 7 supports trust and faith in using both the creative right brain with the intellectual left brain hemisphere for clear-sightedness. It is a mysterious combination of illuminating insights and electrical currents that move rapidly through the brain to purify any challenging problems. There is a warning to attend to details and be vigilant in handling money, health, business, family and stress. Sudden happenings can throw us so easily off balance as the electrical current can short circuit or electrocute us. We are asked to reflect, cleanse, transform, process and find alternate methods to overcome existing disruption, disappointment and frustration.


We are asked to listen to higher guidance for clarity, to detach from suffering and empty out that which is no longer necessary to remember or to hold onto. After a dark and difficult passage the soul awakens the heart to turn towards the Light where miracles occur. Healing can take place in an instant. As spirit says, ‘We are never given more than we can handle. Discomfort brings knowledge and understanding.’


Breakdown is always followed by breakthrough. Things that are testing are occurring for transformation and to further the development of our soul.


The month begins to slip us into a deep state of intense questioning and self transformation. It pushes us to sit on a plateau and survey our lives, beliefs and psychological addictions. We learn to meditate, self question, self develop, self love, believe in the Source and survive the rigors of our emotional lives. If we do not transform we withdraw and drown in our own tidal wave of self abuse. Yet during the process we have flashes of understanding, an awakening, a spark of brilliance and a breakthrough that gives us a renewed perspective on life. Brighter prospects begin to show the signs of new possibilities. Counseling and discussion groups free us from our addictions and we are free of the secrets that have drowned us in self-deception. We begin to face our fears and confront our problems.


Numerology 7 deals with the spiritual and scientific fields, psychology, photography, art, writing, music, film and the unusual expressions of the psyche.


Prophecy: This is a potent time for making changes in the material world, unlocking new vistas of thought with an opportunity to receive data directly from the universal source of wisdom. It is a time to put into place a new focus on changing the reality of how we see ourselves and the manner in which we live. By using our higher, spiritual mind instead of the ego mind our reality changes from linear limitations to quantum possibilities, one connects with the Universal Mind and unlocks possibilities for breakthrough.


By raising our frequency and making healthy choices we are given the chance to heal physically, create emotional stability and balance relationship. From a totally new point of view things will look different but it takes courage to overcome the rational limitations of the three dimensional mind. In a divinely ordered system some things need to fall, collapse, fracture, be destroyed, operated on, changed drastically or symbolically die in order for something new to be born. Mysterious forces are at work moving rapidly to purify any challenging problems. As this is an intense period, ground everything otherwise we will feel in a muddle and out of touch. As we create our own reality, find the beauty between the lines of despair and embrace our talents we connect to the profundity of our life.


This month asks us to trust our inner knowing and not what others say they know about us. We are the oracle. That is our guide and the creator of all that we are.


Action: To help us move through the depth of August, walk on the beach, meditate, practice self-care and love the magic of solitude. As wisdom comes in moments of silence it may be necessary to write down the guidance received. Formulate plans that bring a brighter, prosperous and enriched future.


Truth: ‘That which is likened to itself is drawn’. If you over indulge in self-deception, negative thoughts and unsafe physical practices you will destroy clear sightedness and enter the path of personal suffering. There is a deep obligation to your growth to bring about massive change of mind for enrichment and enlightenment. When you pass through the doorway of fear you will wonder what all the fuss was about.


Spirit: After a dark and difficult passage the soul awakens the heart to turn towards the Light where miracles can occur. There is a deep obligation to your spiritual growth to transform and make deep inner changes. Suffering begins the journey to your celestial soul.





I have had an issue with surrender to such a degree that the universal, spiritual intelligence decided to teach me about surrender. When developing Self Mastery, a board game that takes you into the realms of new possibilities, I experienced many episodes of self doubt. I had never created a board game before and knew nothing about how to construct a plan for it to work. What was in my favour was the inner voice of guidance and the support from the gems of synchronicity that met me on my path to show me a way through.


At a particular point in the game’s development I had hit a massive brick wall. With no guidance forth coming I was at a total standstill. I turned to the logic mind and began to second guess the universe. The more the monkey mind chatted to me incessantly with logic, analysis and ridiculous manipulation I lost clarity. Intuition dried up.


I was lost in the desert and could not find my way to the oasis.


After yoga one ordinary morning I related my frustration to my yoga teacher. She was unsympathetic and told me to surrender in order for me to flow. I had no intention to. I thought ‘to surrender’ was an annoying word and how would that help me.


Feeling rather disgruntled I decided to have coffee which I did in order to console myself and contemplate the meaning of ‘surrender’. I received more than I had bargained for. Coffee finished I stood outside OPSM thinking still about the lack of understanding from my yoga teacher. My attention was drawn to a noise that sounded like a weird animal in pain.


I could not see what all the commotion was about until I spied what appeared to be a half crazed women running through the food hall coming in my direction. She appeared to be making a spectacular commotion with her arms, moving wildly above her. The high pitched trill continued.


She seemed to be making a bee line to me as I now stood mesmerized watching her antics. In fact she ran directly up to me and stopped with her arms flying every where and the sound blasting out of her mouth.


I finally heard the word she was repeatedly screaming like a mantra of sound running in a continuum of syllables. She was repeating the word ‘surrender’. Not just an ordinary pronunciation of surrender but an elongated, exaggerated, loud pitched word, repeating it over and over as if I hadn’t registered it. After what seemed like a dream she turned and ran down the arcade and disappeared. I stood there like I had been hypnotized in disbelief. Was it real? Yes it was as someone came up to me and snapped me back to reality by asking what was all that about and why she chose me to repeatedly trill the words Surrender. Did I know this strange woman? No!


The universe is indeed a mysterious place.


What I know now is that the vibration of the word ‘surrender’ is a high frequency vibration that shifted me into a new state. Something in me must have changed as the spirit of Self Mastery guided me into the next step for me to bring the game together and into a finished product. As long as I surrendered to allowing the flow of guidance to drop into my consciousness whenever it chose to speak to me. Even when I felt at a standstill I let go without concern and did something else. When time was right the guidance started up again.


Synchronicity continued to give me all the pieces. Finally after 7 years Self Mastery was a finished product.


Surrender is indeed not giving up but letting go.


Guidance: It is not giving in but accepting what is without trying to change it or resist it. What you resist will persist. Never ignore messages that are given as something will confront you head on.



















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