Self Mastery Newsletter August September 2017

The miracle of Intention and Attraction

I had been requested by a client to spin my alchemical magic and do a card reading for her partner as a gift. It was a 3 Card reading, encapsulating the past present and future. 6 months on I received another request to add to this reading. For expanding clarity I incorporated her numerology transits from the birth date and letters in the name. It worked brilliantly.


The thing is I had not used Numerology in my readings for over 10 years, most probably longer.


So I decided to combine with the numerology focus, the Self Mastery Source Cards, Intuitive Guidance and Alchemical practices.


Well how was I going to put that energy out there and attract it.


I love the universe - sometimes!!


Late the other night I was listening to a guided meditation by Deepak Chopra on setting an Intention. As we know clear intention transforms and attracts that desire of infinite possibilities. So I planted the seeds of desire and visualized the clouds above, floating across the pure blue sky. I placed my intention, my desire in attracting clients. Could this happen out of the blue?


I woke early and read my emails. Out of the blue it came, a request for an updated numerology chart. He even wrote the questions he wanted answered and gave me his birth date and full name. There was also a request to do a chart for his partner. John wrote that I had done a numerology chart for him in 2002 and if I was still reading could do him an update. I told him of the Divine Empowerment, a combination chart including the different modalities. He booked a chart. Thank you John for picking up, seeing and hearing my desires so clearly.



A Turning Point

Right now we are at a huge turning point. We are strong enough to move through our suffering and proceed forwards with our personal shadow that is mirrored in the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is making its energies felt in all of us - for what is in one is in the whole. A dark passage follows, rage rises or injustices activate action. The moon shadows the earth. It is not to be feared as the shadow is as powerful as the light and each of us has the power to move from our destructive patterns into the light of a new day as we move into September.


But for now there will be times of being of service to others, showing compassion and healing things, people or feelings that seem wounded. We are being plunged into the shadows of ourselves. There is a nervousness or an uncertainty about having to be extra compassionate, extra caring and forgiving to ourselves, a person or situation that takes us to the edge, leaving us wondering if we will survive or will they or the country survive. Tears are shed as we finally unhook from this old paradigm of drama. It’s only a drama written and seemingly etched on our own hearts or the heart of nations. Now we have to deal with this once and for all, be open and honest to our heart and know that each of us is responsible for our own reality. We cannot take on the pain of others. It is finding faith that the challenges we have will be worked out in the best possible way. The pattern is too old, too tired, too stuck, but it is resurrected to crucify us emotionally or physically and wake us up to release our guilt. Be like the Buddhist, turn to spiritual truths, meditate, be in the moment, embrace the light of Source, perceive it differently, chant and read the books that bring light to your heart and solace to the soul.


Even though there is a series of emotional traumas that bring stress, you are jolted to reach out to spirit. Set backs are ways to make the appropriate changes. Use the tools you have learnt and know that you carry in your backpack all the tools both spiritually and materially to support you.


Around the time of the solar eclipse the greatest transformation arrives and change occurs as you are preparing for a new state and a turn for the better in September. A time to get back to yourself, reviewing your life to see how it measures up to your desires. There is a shift in core values, moving from primary school to high school as you take responsibility for those things you have not dealt with.  There is increased awareness through self realisation and new responsibilities. You are emerging after the inner work that takes place in the cocoon before the butterfly is released. You are not to know what magic is in store for you as you develop the inner dimensions. You may propose a question: What do I truly want? What am I seeking? Where are my dreams? There is an opportunity for self reflection.


Much time, effort and giving of yourself will be required. It teaches us to look across the shadows of life and death or sunrise to the sunset and endure the darkness until we come out into the light. It is like you are led to the edge and asked to jump when you cannot see, do not really know absolutely and feel you seem destined not to make it with your extraordinary abilities- but in faith you see that you grow the wings as you slot into another dimension of reality. Sometimes you don’t know nor are able to say what that reality is. In your depth you know but it is unexplained and ineffable.


What story binds you to the past. How do you need to answer that? Life will ask of you lots but it continues to support you in integrating and regenerating. It asks of you not to look back or look forward but just travel with life in faith and surrender in this big moment of NOW. A big ask to trust and link your life with the universal life and by losing yourself you find yourself by dragging everything into the light. You can not hide anything or hide anywhere, your cards are always there to be seen by everyone, even if you keep things secret, the angels are always hovering and see everything you do, think and act upon.


"A recent study in the New Scientist magazine indicates a direct connection between the Sun's solar storms and the human biological system. The conduit which steers Earth's weather through the Magnetic Field on Earth is the same conduit that facilitates the influx of charged particles from the Sun through the magnetic (auric) field around the human body."


That means around the solar eclipse solar flares seem excessive. This may cause disturbances in our nervous system, behavoural patterns and our physical, mental and emotional responses. It can bring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and fiery retaliation.


The following is a channelled  piece of insightful guidance that I have only just begun to understand. White fire is feminine passion that works on a deeper level of the soul heart, lighting us awake. It is infinitely more alive to light the way to guide us to our divine spiritual path. White Fire represents the divine crystalized light of the moon and the divine fire of feminine passion.


White Fire

The White Fire invokes the power of magic and the spirits of light, the shining, golden white light of the supernatural, the fire of the moon, the passionate energy of the feminine.


The energy  threads from Source, the deeper illuminated heart that pumps light. I am the kundalini rising.

The White Fire of Phoenix, rising  from the ashes, transforming spirit through a transmutation of light energies releasing the old in order for the new to birth.


White Fire is the Spirit Light cleansing all that it burns. It is not what you think of as hot fire but a white, cool , golden tinted fire of the feminine rising from the heart of Source and moving in a stream through the seven chakra system to blossom in the crown chakra.


I have seen the white mist leave the body of a man during a cathartic process at ‘Self Transformations’. I called the white fire ectoplasm. (Greek ektos, ‘outside or external’, + plasma,’mould, shape’) I had seen photographs of Madam Balavatsky, a Russian psychic medium who had this substance protruding from her during trance sessions. She helped form the Theosophical Society. As the process continued, a very disturbed and emotional student released his pain and his past wounds. He relayed a story about his father who wanted him to enter the church and follow in his footsteps as a Presbyterian minister. He was told if he did not, the devil would come. The false belief or illusion instilled fear in his son.


White Fire is born from hydrogen. It holds immense power, born from The Milky Way, a shining fire of light spreading across the heavens. From darkness into Light.  I am the white fire which descends from the eighth chakra like a white, star filled waterfall of fire, descending and ascending simultaneously. I am purification, transformation and rebirth. I am the portal of the seventh chakra.


The Crown chakra is a receptor for incoming psychic energy. It is white, opalescent, pure, profound, perfect and the source of all things. It brings in the stream of consciousness and spiritual awareness. White Fire is the essence of Divine Purification that is showered down through the eighth chakra (Soul Star) and enters through the crown chakra and settles in the illuminated heart. As it transmits its radiance of light it travels through the seventh chakra until it purifies the remaining six chakras.


It’s amazing how the universe takes us on a progressional journey to open the doorways to information confirming and strengthening guidance. It was years later when I came across some information about the White Fire. The ancients called it the luminous fire which is activated by shamans in deep meditation and trance. It is the external sun reflected to activate the inner sun that sustains us at the centre of our internal source. It is the luminous light fire - the shining light to continue lighting the way. An internal warmth which glows as we focus on our spiritual transformation. It reminded me of embers which will cease to exist if left unattended. I see this as a metaphor to focus on our internal embers and feed our spirit so it glows brighter for us to be guided to new consciousness. The shaman feels an inexplicable light inside his head, he opens a portal for the light to blaze with an ineffable splendour.


September 2017

September arrives bringing a mixture of new beginnings and completions; from the symbolic rising sun to the setting sun, from the rocket ship taking off towards other dimensions of space and time.  It represents wholeness, going full circle, coming from a state of being to a state of becoming. It is a path that takes us in the direction of the sunrise where new horizons form from which we rise into the fullness of our talents. It is the vital life force that leads us forwards, unafraid to come face-to-face with our obstacles in order to overcome them. You may begin to pull all that you are made of together with new philosophies, future plans and assertive energy to forge ahead. It carries the power of persuasion and regeneration. It is the golden path of divine power where we rise to our enlightenment and the birth of lofty ideals, joy, good fortune and rewards for our efforts.


This period supplies us with achievements and liberation as we rise each day with motivation and purpose to pull together our talents and achieve complete attainment and material happiness. Delays are a thing of the past. We are victorious in our liberation.


We rise from the ashes and resurrect.



September is a favourable and fortunate time to rise to greater heights of achievement. You have broken through the darkness into the light of future progress. The shadow has been embraced as you have used your pain to find who you are. You are given rewards for your individualism and your unique leadership qualities. You take control to explore new modalities and businesses that enhance good fortune. Nothing seems to hinder you as you rise above taking anything personally or seeing obstacles as delaying your progress. You are a light, flaming with passion. The White Fire continues to burn with a illuminated passion, with the fresh, raw opportunities you see and convert the ideas into shining jewels. This brings a fresh star and a turn for the better.  Luck seems to be on your side. Desires are being fulfilled. The light shines brightly, symbolizing promotions, a new day, creative breakthroughs, clarity of thought and energy to lead and liberate. The alpha and omega connect to bring the fullness of your magic. Great happiness is yours. What goes around, comes back around in a higher format. Clarity brings an understanding of your journey that beginnings and endings are a cycle enriching the understanding that there is nothing you can change about your journey, but surrendering to its perfect sequence. The naked truth is seen and understood. Even if you have a glitch of clarity pre-dawn, as the day proceeds so do your energy levels to overcome any obstacles.


No matter what occurs you will be given a blessing or praised for something you do. The archetypal divine child rises to begin a new day. With a radiance in your smile you bring warmth to others. Even if a cloud shuts you out, you know you continue to shine.


You are rewarded for your perseverance and move beyond the times of darkness into the magic of your sunrise. Show the world who you are; take responsibility; take the lead; remain focused on the direction you want to go; show the spark of magic that lights the way in the Aquarian Age of new consciousness. Your unbending faith in your own abilities energizes your progression to reach your goals and deliver the messages as the archetype of Phoenix.

You are reaching the peak of potential, knowing that whatever you have done brings it to its fullness of expression.


Things are hotting up. Your fight for getting what you want can turn into an angry discharge which can burn your opponent. Basic instincts of survival are strong. A radiant energy gives you clarity and courage to fight for what you want. After transformation a brand new start begins your ascent to reach the pinnacle of achievement. You are not willing to take second best but strive forwards and progress with the dreams you have. Mars is a highly independent frequency and carries a cycle of uniqueness: from beginnings you start with great enthusiasm and then with a burning energy you bring it all together. The day ends and you let your cellular structure renew to have the energy to start all over again. Sometimes this seems tiring: sometimes it will feel like karma: sometimes our will feel burnt out; other times you get your fingers burnt. However when one door closes another one opens.


An extra note about the Karmic connotations of  the next 6 weeks.


There is a paradox in the vibrations that surround us at this time. It is called the Collector of Customs, that is we pay in full. No one is left out in this karmic complexity. This is where we are tested as it winds up old karmic accounts, the end arrives and our lives start anew. It is a joyous thing to be reborn into a higher vibrational frequency.


 At each pause in your life, when things don’t seem to be happening, remain in the pause moment, (this can be a blink of an eye) remain still in the centre of the flame and you will not destroy what you have already created - in surrendering your individual perspective and listening to the Will of the Divine, it dissolves your sense of self into a conscious acceptance of the vast infinity of possibilities. What you are doing is mastering the skills of your light body, but as spiritual beings having a physical experience, it seems you are always on the edge. As you step across the void you step outside of what you have been taught about reality and will begin to start anew to continue to go full circle to complete. The cycle continues.


They say the fool’s journey has been a success, as you returned to the light, the truth of life, you can not hide, you hold the key, you have been on a spiritual odyssey, a profound psychological and spiritual rebirth. Paradise is found, disappointment is overcome as long as you remain childlike in what you do - holding the innocence of a clear heart like a child, you are a spontaneous energy continually recreating itself.


















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