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Merry Christmas


I would like to wish each and every one of you magnificent souls a very divine and loving Christmas. A Christmas that brings peace and a gentle flow. A time of healing and joyous connection to your loved ones far and near.

Not only am I sending you an Angel Card but also a meditation.


The Christmas Blessing Essence meditation encompasses a pure state of being perfect and divine. The ‘I Am’ meditation takes you into the expansive universe within your essence. Know you are truly divine. The words inspire confidence, healing, motivation, self love and guides you to a peaceful state within the core of your light. For peace of mind and to embrace your divinity over Christmas listen to this meditation as your gift from spirit.

It is only 6.53 minutes long.


Listen here.


A Christmas Miracle


A day before I began making my angel Christmas cards I mentioned to Stuart that I would love to reconnect with Noreen who had been a neighbour 3 years ago. I had lost the Christmas card she had sent us that year after she moved away to live with her son. She had written in the card her new address and email. The card disappeared, partly into the mouth of my then two year old granddaughter and the rest disappeared into the ether.


I started to design my angel cards, gathering the art equipment, pencils, scissors, rhinestones and Japanese papers. I sat still thinking of a creation that embraced the idea of heart connections and the angelic realms. Without thought or even conscious awareness I opened my eyes and spontaneously reached over to a card sitting up at the back of my desk. It was a Christmas Card that had nibbled sides and was torn and crinkled. There was Noreen’s email address and Christmas cheer. Did speaking about Noreen manifest the card out of the ether, or had it been sitting at the back of my desk for 3 years. Many times over the past 3 years I have prolifically created and cleaned up after me. It seemed so odd it had been just sitting there in full view and yet I never saw it. I hope to think I energized it back into existence.


In the next news letter I will give you an overview for 2018.


Until then enjoy your meditation and have a wonderful and heart filled Christmas.

In light and love


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