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Self Mastery Newsletter March 2018


If any of you have been feeling depressed the following may help give you a different perspective as it did me.

The word


is spoken phonetically as

“deep rest”

We can view depression not as a mental illness but on a deeper level, as a profound (and very misunderstood) state of deep rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own identity.   Jeff Foster


The possibilities for March 2018


Routine is broken up which is a welcome relief from last month. New interests, new friends, unusual possibilities and potential for adventure and excitement all add to the flavour of freedom and changing patterns. You will find yourself gathering momentum and developing an inner awareness as you begin to sense, smell, touch, see and hear in an expanded and different way.


This excites you and spurs you on to walk through new doorways into other dimensions of thought. A key is given to open you to a new life. As you begin to think outside the box, update your profile and make the many changes asked of you, excitement rises. Even though there are uncertainties due to navigating the unfamiliar maze, the only thing to do is keep going and momentum will gather. New networks open up. You gain information from the many sources available to you. Welcome many unexpected encounters, synchronicities and chance meetings.  March brings a major turning point.


As you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and discover a whole new set of ways to think and perceive, be and live, you rise to the next level of your development and move into a freer state. There are a lot of things to consider, but with fingers in many things you will taste a smorgasbord of sensual and intriguing situations.


Stay connected to your five senses as you travel into realms of new possibilities. By moving out of old ruts you multiply the possibilities of discovering and tasting the fruits of life. Prepare to market yourself or push the envelope by going beyond commonly accepted boundaries. A cornucopia of delights awaits you in March.


March is a 5 month and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the messenger of innovation. It opens us to the unknown in its state of curiosity by turning over every stone. This is a month to express your thoughts, to remain flexible and bend with the winds of change, adapting, learning and unexpectedly coming across the dynamic opportunities that quicken your step. With inventive ideas and the promise of new life you are taken on a roller coaster ride where magic happens.



Here are five elements, four of matter (earth, air, fire and water) and THE quintessential - spirit. These may be arrayed around the pentagrams points. The word quintessential derives from this fifth element - the spirit. Tracing a path around the pentagram, the elements are placed in order of density - spirit (or aether). fire, air, water, earth. Earth and fire are basal, fixed; air and water are free, flowing.


Please Note:

Print out the mandala for March and view it each day. Walk through its exciting energies and reprogram your thinking by repeating the words that stand out for you. Be bold and let loose. Stand in the centre of your pentagram and embrace the 5 of change. If you dream of making a major impact in some area of your life, this is the time to do so. The 5 pointed star is used for spiritual protection and maintaining faith in the choices you make. It has a strong connection to the magical realms of the fifth dimension where multiple possibilities reign. It helps you go beyond the commonly accepted boundaries and walk your talk and talk your walk. Let it help you stand tall, rejuvenate and support you in becoming a living example of truth and love. Become the shining light of change in this world.


Notice the shape looks like a seed about to burst, expand and change.



I now advance in my life as a confident, bold and free agent. I welcome change as I step beyond my comfort zone. The more I adapt and remain flexible the more opportunities I have that are freeing, rejuvenating and progressive. I learn new skills easily, I absorb facts quickly and I grow more fully by letting go of the old. I am now free to travel a new path. The unknown calls me as I weave magic in all that I do.


The fifth chakra:

The Throat chakra is positioned at the centre of neck. The Goddess of Speech is represented by the crescent moon where we express our truth with impeccable words. It is the bridge between heart and mind, the energy point of self expression, the art of communication and the centre of Will power. It has the blessing of choice where we express our beliefs, truth, creativity and emotional needs openly and honestly, without fear of being judged or ruled by the opinions of others. In the Valley of Contentment we believe in keeping our word to ourselves where we are congruent between the logic and rational mind with that of the heart.


This is the place we are most fearful of speaking our truth and saying what we feel. It is the chakra where we communicate our skills, express in our unique way to the world the talents we possess. Not only do we want to be acknowledged and accepted for what we say, but equally to listening and allowing others their say. As a chakra of mystical truth it urges us to listen to the counsel we receive from the inner voice and trust in the Will of the Divine. The fifth chakra is ruled by the Thyroid gland and oversees the larynx, mouth and jaw.


Throat Chakra Mandala:

From the centre of the mandala a small circular portal, representing an open mouth holds the pale blue glyph stimulating creative impulses and verbal delivery. It forms an energy that directs our aspirations upwards and outwards. Sound radiates out from within an inverted triangle touching the crescent moon on a backdrop of ether, the eternal, all-pervading space. It opens us to unlimited possibilities. The 16 lotus petals form a communication bridge to elephants, each with seven trunks, expressing their hopes and dreams and speaking up in what they believe. They lift their trunks and sing their visions. They voice their preferences and knowledge with inspiring expression, celebrating the freedom of speech and lightness of being. Circles of different shades of blue vibrate outward like sound waves spreading forth into limitless space. Blue bells openly chime a melody to express the pleasure of beauty and authenticity. They blossom as creativity births ideas expanding into forms of artistic and spiritual creations.



In love and light


















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