Self Mastery Newsletter December 2016

When you embrace ‘the child of light’ as being that which you are,

a product of your own thoughts, joy, spontaneity, laughter and  harmony

grow in vibrance. A light-hearted child is eternally uplifting and inspiring.

Remain innocent.


A story of significance


I was 12 years old, Douglas was 14. It was the late fifties. Mum and Dad had left for Nanna’s funeral. We kids were left behind as they did not think it appropriate for us to be there. As I know now, the quantum scientists believe that when a person dies their consciousness continues.


So I know now that Nanna had become an expanded being of consciousness for she walked up the rumpus-room steps even though she was suppose to be dead.  I exclaimed in my childlike way, “Nanna why are you here?” It was amazing really as Douggie was her favorite due to the fact her son Douglas had died on the Burma Railway during WWII. and my brother, named Douglas, the first born grandson, become the apple of Nanna’s eye; yet she came to me.

“I have come to say goodbye to you.” She laughed. She always laughed.


Nanna had become a Christian Scientist and followed the teachings of Mary Baker Eddie who’s healing work encompassed the disciplines of science, theology and medicine. She believed that if one became sick then it could be reversed through prayer and faith as she had done herself through a spiritual healing. Nanna believed she could heal herself through Mary Baker Eddies teachings and use the healing Science of Christianity.


I never grieved Nanna’s death then. It was 30 years later that she arrived at the end of my bed early morning. On seeing her again I began to wail and from the depth of my soul I felt the pain and loss I had carried for all those years, but never expressed.


What I loved about Nanna were her stories about the invisible and esoteric realms. Her stories covered angels, flying saucers, entities and spirits. Of the many stories she told, the one that captured my attention most when I was a young child was that of an old woman who from time to time visited Nanna and her boys. She roamed the hallway from which each of the 4 boys bedrooms opened. She never did any harm, but the boys would chase her along the hallway until she disappeared through the wall. They genuinely were annoyed that she got into their house uninvited. Dad would also tell the same stories of his sightings of this old woman.


Before dad passed over he told me his Grandmother, who was fey which means ‘disordered in mind‘  was to our family a person who saw and experienced the invisible as though it truly was visible. I always believed ‘fey’ meant fairy like and was someone who saw into other dimensions of existence.

He said he knew it was his Grandmother as her round reading glasses reflected sunlight that shone with intensity into his eyes. She would sit on the chair across from his bed supporting him as he prepared his transition, from one life into the next.


I often wondered if my intuitive abilities had been passed down.


I did not realize why I had been telling others the story about Nanna until I realized she is around again. This week I fly to Queensland to say goodbye to my divine brother Douglas who has secondary cancer that has metastasized in his lungs.


The clan seems to be gathering in both realms.


I dedicate this story to my darling older brother Douglas Theodore. When it is time I dream he is guided to pass with love, from love into love and beyond with eternal love where he becomes an expanded being of consciousness. I will ask him to visit me in the three days after his body dies as my Grandmother did. I can’t make it happen but in 6 cases of those passing over each one has come to say good bye.


Possibilities for December 2016

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul: the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

Napoleon Hill


So what will December bring? Firstly we have moved through a year of many endings, upset, drama, realizations, release and finally understanding that the outmoded ways, beliefs and knee jerk reactions are useless. Even though certain changes where beliefs, children and siblings are likely, this is a month where one looks on the brighter side.

December is a month to take time out, to get some enjoyment, do pleasant things, entertain or create. It falls under the category of Jupiter, the child archetype and perhaps the symbology shown in the mandala called Creativity has an influence on you, to meditate upon and grasp your brilliance.


“ True creativity arises from a union with the divine, with the mystical and the unknowable. Then it is both a joy for the creator and a blessing to others.”

Osho Zen Tarot


The mandala represents the aspects of expansion, productivity, fertility, manifestation and growth. The central sphere grasps the electricity of excitement, surprise, unexpected breakthroughs, giving expression to the potent currents of creativity, spreading out from the centre to express the talents or touch the hearts of others.


Marduk, the Mesopotamia name for Jupiter is a mythical figure. Marduk is the bestower of green plants and ripe harvests through the influence of the sky-forces. He wears a beard and upon his head a turban stretching into the lightning shafts of which he controls.


He is the Shepherd of the Stars, Restorer of Joy to Humankind, Overseer who is good. He is the arbitrator of each person’s destiny and protects the four directions surrounding the hand of Zeus. The male energy or prince with outstretched wings expresses the glorious word of power, restores joy to mankind and is the master of magic. A butterfly on his chest reminds us that we can achieve our own metamorphosis and transform our lives through faith. He brings fulfillment and is unaffected by flattery or criticism.


 The female figure Maat embodies the yin principle of intuition. She is the ancient Egyptian stately winged goddess who is the truth and Perfect Measure.  She is the Princess who gives us the privileges if we are willing to receive them. She personifies Cosmic Harmony and Equilibrium and wears her wings of a Divine Being. On her head sits a state of grace, an ostrich feather, a symbol of justice, right expression and truth. It signifies universal order based upon justice. She mirrors to us celestial beauty and brings us peace with our journey we take ... ending in our perfect destiny; unity with the divine.


The wing span of both Marduk and Maat, yin and yang, left and right brain indicate we can stretch ourselves far beyond the confinement of our logic mind into the ascension of the right brain to transform the buds into potentialities. The prolific, magic jewels in Maat’s necklace hold the possibilities of experiencing the world differently and extending our voice to be heard by many.  The words of positivity, love, joy and celebration.


The four circles positioned around the centre point encapsulate the generous spirit of wealth, abundance, knowledge and insight. The naked body rising from the third eye on a backdrop of delicate petals depicts the mind of one’s intellect, while the third eye sees beyond the facades and releases endorphins which enthuse and optimize the brilliance of expression. The horn of plenty or Cornucopia represents abundant provision and fertility. Its rich contents flow for us to tap into nature’s resources as well as our internal resources. Wishes and desires are fulfilled. Birth is imminent.


The third circle encapsulates the chalice from which flows streams of potential, sensual emotions and an unending supply of the sweet rewards of life. The sphere framing the golden eagle represents the great heights to which we can achieve, and the power of lifting the spirits to give the opportunity to intuitively soar above the ordinary to create the extraordinary. He carries a golden seed which he warms in the  sunlight in order for the seed to open and spread the word of all that is good. The wings spreading around the pink sunrise of the heart’s desire are ready to take flight and produce an effect beyond human logic. Blossoming magic happens when the seeds of our potential are planted, loved and nurtured.


When I had created the mandala a friend of mind shuffled the 44 mandala cards and randomly chose ‘The Creative’, of which she put down the front of her blouse over her heart chakra, sat in the sun and read the meaning. As she read the divination about sewing the seeds of spring and time to expand, a bird flew overhead and dropped a seed pod from which the seeds released, scattering around her feet. She collected the seeds to remind her that to grow she needed to plant her ideas. Each seed she planted became the expression of her potential.


The message of Jupiter came through the seeds given in a synchronistic display of right timing. I looked at the golden bird in full flight in the card. Jupiter brings alive the desires and messages we wish for.


When a seed is planted and attended to with a clear intention it brings forth new possibilities.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.


Jupiter encourages the release of laughter and permission to enjoy the riches of life.


During the late sixties I moved from Brisbane to Sydney. I rented a room in a four story terrace in Paddington Sydney.


I slept on an antique brass bed in a small basement room of the four story terrace decorated with period furniture. It smelt woody and damp. In my times of homesickness and aloneness an apparition of a small Indian man manifested. He visited me often during my deep, reflective times. He was precariously perched on the thin brass rail at the end of my bed laughing. He always laughed and always gave me the same message, “Lighten up and stop worrying.”


A number of years later I became friends with a couple who followed a Swami called Satyananda. Jenny showed me a picture of him, the identical Indian who visited me at the end of my bed. They called him the Laughing Swami. In the early seventies he came to Australia to teach yoga to balance the mind and emotions of his followers and teach spirituality.


Obviously Satyananda was able to transport his spirit to those who needed a good laugh and enter into the vibration of the my mandala to enhance the texture of the visual.


Use this mandala to uplift and inspire a lightness, release any guilt, laugh at any injustice, communicate and take your seeds and plant them ready to take root in 2017. It carries a mantra that can be repeated over and over to lighten you in being an expanded being of consciousness.


The Code. Sei-ha-ee-ar-el-chass-maa-lim (pronounced: see-har-e-are-el-chaz-mar-limb)

Magic Sound. Its resonance encourages us to take hold of our brilliance and utilize our potential. It is a sound expressing triumph. Its frequency creates a harmonic dance within the heart of desire.


December may also bring the symbolic lightning bolts which shake us awake and guide us into new consciousness. Memories of the past may flood in making us feel nostalgic and deeply sad. Deep contemplation follows as do tears to water the new seeds of change.


Even when things seem to be ending and challenges arrive through family, horizons will broaden and Christmas will somehow be different. There is a synthesis taking place, hurdles overcome because you have renewed harmony and balance and overcome a blockage.


The two olive branches in the mandala express victory, survival and reconciliation after the internal bolt of lightening that burns up the last impurities of the universal 9 year. The thunderbolt restores good will, destroys ignorance and awakens the creative expression and belief that anything is possible. The spring garden blossoms and stretches us towards our highest aspirations. Patterns dance to the expectation of an abundant year to come.


From an over view, the mandala becomes an intricate pattern of confidence, personal growth and an acceptable, philosophical outlook on life. It allows us to emerge from a bud displaying raw potential. It says to us:

Dream beyond the boundaries of mind and embody the fairy tales to which you relate. It is with consciousness dreaming you will bring a wish into manifestation. What you have wished for over the last 12 years may occur.


















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