Self Mastery Newsletter December 2015


Divine Inspiration.

Overview: December embodies a highly charged frequency, glowing with vitality. As a spiritual month you need to consciously connect to the Infinite mind and become the messenger of Christ Consciousness and the Master of Awareness. It gives outstanding qualities to breakthrough any limiting conditions. It amplifies individuality, intuition and originality. Allow yourself to open the crown chakra to inspiring ideas that in their purest form have the propensity to influence many and bring ‘Divine Light’ to humanity.


December lights the new path to 2016. It is one of enlightenment and initiation of which mystics speak; it is the light of a new day, pure and regenerative, charismatic, magnetic and shines with a genius of invention. Like a lighthouse it provides a beacon to guide others to safety but it is always placed alone and in difficult terrain. It is therefore highly nervous, alert to changes in frequency and emotionally delicate. As a psychic window to the soul it becomes a dreamer of fantasy and is intensely dramatic.


Sometimes you will be shaken to your core like an electric bolt of lightning that shakes you up and awakens your potential as a visionary leader in using innovative techniques and creative skills to promote better standards. It is the illuminated light that pierces the dark aspects of life and performs for the good of mankind. Like a Seer or Spiritual Guide it requires devotion to meditate upon spiritual truths and ideals and follow the lightbulb of rare and raw vision. If you have done your inner work you will be the Master of Awareness and given access to higher forms of wisdom, but it requires careful handling as the energies are swift and somewhat confronting.


There is the possibility of a sudden awakening, in what form it takes I do not know, but believe me you will emerge from a sleep state, waking up to feeling intensely alive and insightful. A paradigm shift commences, moving you from the ordinary into the extraordinary. November brought to me a mixed bag of both elation and deep catharsis.


I taught a new Golden Keys ‘The Map’ module. The core essence of “The Map” encompasses our own personal journey through the many roads we travel. As we embrace the process of allowing the intuitive self to come forward the drawings we did took us into a deeper aspect of ourself. The riches that we discovered within our Map was far more expansive than ever imagined. It became an illuminating process that took us into the realms of new possibilities.


Thank you.

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you who have supported the Self Mastery tools , the board game and the Golden Key workshops of self discovery and transformation and to those who found the courage to have an intensive, in depth reading. Your feed back has been wonderful.


I continue to learn from my mistakes and thank you for being my teachers.


Merry Christmas.

A thank you to all that have supported me on my journey with Self Mastery and The Golden Keys during 2015. I wish you all a divine Christmas and may your path lead you to your rich gifts within.


In love and light



















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