Self Mastery Newsletter February 2016



On New Years Eve my sister and I played Self Mastery. It seems such a perfect thing to do to bring in the New Year.


Out of the intensive 6 page reading came some amazing gems of information for me to see a different perspective and understanding about power and the Mastery of the Mind.


Out of the game play came the Paths of Power Source Card. It is a collage of ideas that flow from the subconscious. I will introduce a new workshop incorporating the Self Mastery Game followed by creating your own Self Mastery Source Card.



Guidance: Mastery of the mind is the ability to use thoughts to empower you to develop a way to prioritize your ideas so that they are succinct and combined with powerful thoughts that feed the Soul. They come from the Source of Knowledge and are therefore, positive, uplifting, inspiring and in the moment of now. They are not manipulated by the ego of the victim who holds to old paradigms of thinking. This is the time to empower your thoughts with motivating energizes. Your Revelation is indeed knowing you are the Source of Success and this is created by the way you think. Mastery of the mind is being aware of you depleting thoughts and changing them instantly. 2016 is the time to Prime Tune your journey and experiences. This is a time of awareness and of going into a new state that is awe inspiring. The Paths of Power this year is to expand your energy field through meditation, being in the now, mastery of the mind, to be awe-inspiring, to dare to be different and to be aware that what you want is right in front of you.


Notice the flower of life - it contains the pattern of Creation as it emerges from the Great Void. It is composed of multiple evenly spaced, overlapping circles. They form a flower like pattern. It is considered to be a symbol of sacred geometry said to contain ancient and spiritual energies depicting the fundamental forms of space and time.



Overview: The vibration for February supports working with others in cooperation. You will gain through association and awareness of opposites. You can directly influence others with a supporting style, diplomacy, detailed and diligent work and being of service in the most impeccable ways.


Even though February can be intense, nervous and a highly strung energy, it tends towards giving you balance and a moon like quality. You may need to support others with your sympathetic nature and persuasive ways.


The vibration you are under in February draws upon cosmic forces and opens the way of spirit for you to become a visionary and guide to produce something on the earth plane that uplifts and teaches others. It brings some form of recognition but you are put on notice and cannot get away with shonky actions. Neither can you settle back and do nothing. Balance in all things is necessary.


It is best to express high standards and maintain trust in the guidance of your intuitive knowing. You must cultivate a sense of humour to relieve tensions.


The highest potential for you is in self awareness, receptivity, teamwork and bringing something of great beauty into the world.


February embodies a highly charged frequency. As a spiritual month it consciously connects to the Infinite mind and becomes the messenger of Christ Consciousness and the Master of Awareness and the Master of the Mind. It is highly nervous, alert to changes in frequency and emotionally delicate.


February can be intensely dramatic and at times unsettling. Sometimes it is like an electric bolt of lightning that shakes you up and awakens your potential as a visionary leader in using innovative techniques and creative skills to promote better standards. It is the light that pierces the darker aspects of life and performs for the good of mankind. Like a Seer or Spiritual Guide it requires devotion to meditate upon spiritual truths and ideals and follow the lightbulb of rare and raw vision. Do not be blinded by false illusions. Your life is propelling you forwards into perfect balance and harmony. You are the Mastermind with enormous opportunity to shift into a higher frequency and become the master technician of new consciousness. Enter into the doorway of the sacred and know you are the creator of your own alchemy.



Some one asked a question of Self Mastery, the game of life that takes you into the realms of new possibilities.


“Where is my partner?” Well I said she could be on a bus going somewhere, she could be asleep, overseas or perhaps you have already met her and have been so unaware she passed you by.


Seeing this was a very disempowering question I asked him to rewrite it so he was open to receiving empowering feedback. He was resistant and as you know what you resist persists. Reluctantly he rewrote his question again. This time it was powerful. “What do I need to be aware of in myself for me to move beyond self imposed limitations and fears into trust and faith so that in this moment I easily and confidently create a loving, sharing and powerful relationship with the woman of my dreams?”


During the unfolding of his game he discovered that he had already meet the woman of his dreams. He had been so intent on the future that he ignored the moment. His judgements of how she should or shouldn’t be formed a vale of deception. His desire remained a future dream only.


He did not see the possibilities of the moment and had continued his search until he accessed the power of the moment and given insights, guidance and transformational words that generated his amazing revelation of truth that he had already meet the woman - and all from a focus on playing the game of life, Self Mastery.


Guidance: Always be in this moment as there is only now. If you live in the future you are blind to what is in you life right now. If you live in the past you are caught up in a fog that never clears for you to truly see the truth.


















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