Self Mastery Newsletter February 2017

The Rescue Archetype.

A friend of mine Roz 88 went out her front gate for her daily walk when she saw a very distressed woman sitting on the edge of the road. She was bent over shedding tears into the gutter. Of course, my friend who helps everyone, walked up to this crying woman and asked her what was the matter, to which the woman replied, “I am grieving.”


As it was a really hot summer’s day and the footpath where she sat was in full sun, Roz asked the woman if she would like to grieve in the shade and move to under the tree beside her property.


The woman said nothing. Roz 88 again asked if she was OK and would she like to move.


This time the woman said, “ I was OK, until you came along. What gives you the right to tell me where to grieve?”


It seemed really odd to Roz 88 that when the woman said those words they came from the mouth of what Roz 88 described as angelic, loving and calm.


Roz 88 continued her walk.


Just to see if Roz 88 had learnt the lesson of letting others process in their own way, without her Rescue Archetype interfering, the higher powers that be orchestrated another situation.


She immediately came across a man next to a toilet block. He was on the cement with his head on the ground. This time she said nothing and gave him wide birth. She wanted to help and rescue him, but as she walked a short distance on she came face to face with two ambulance officers who happened to appear out of nowhere. Roz 88 spoke to them suggesting they check on the man prostrate on the ground.


She continued to walk pondering the voice of the woman and the strange, yet meaningful coincidences that had just happened.


Roz became known as Roz 88 due to a meaningful coincidence that she and I experienced while I was telling her the story of of a strange request from spirit. Prior to Roz being named Roz 88 I had begun a new journey instigated by spirit. On waking early morning from a dream where I was in the Kings Chamber listening to a Sound Healer, Kerry singing a beautiful melody. The sounds were like mantras that began to flow through me as I woke. Instructions began from spirit urging me to download, what became known as the Codes of New Consciousness. Each of the sacred sounds that funneled through me were written down phonetically. It continued over a few weeks until I had 17 codes, yet spirit had not done with me. I was told to create mandalas and find the higher codes. Curious, I decided to calculate the sounds’ frequencies through numerology. Every code or mantra vibrated to 44. This crazy download of guidance and instruction told me to call the encoded cards ‘Key Points’. The title vibrates to 44.


Spirit continued with a new set of instructions. I had to become aware of the higher Synchronized Harmonic Codes or the twin sounds for only 8 of them. ‘As above to so below’ I was told. They would be given to me through synchronicity. And sure enough it began to happen and the higher vibrational frequency was given. One method that spirit used were through books. As an example, one day a book, which I had never consciously seen before, yet it must have been bought by me, flew out of my library shelf and opened on a page on which was written in italics a code in the exact way as I had formatted mine phonetically. Just to test the code I calculated the numerology. Yes it vibrated to 44. Eight of the codes now had a twin which I marked in my journal as 44:44. 44 above mirroring 44 below

I have since created a set of 44 divination cards of which 17 of them have codes to raise our consciousness. I have called them Self Mastery Source cards.


Guidance given for the meaning of 44


The appearance of 44 suggests you will contribute to the world something beneficial, valuable and inspirational. If 44 has entered your consciousness, ( by reading this message) you are already inspired by some great purpose or an extraordinary project that in essence anchors new forms of spiritual tools on earth. Your ability to create on the material plane is directly connected to the forth dimension of possibilities. All ideas, thoughts and practices break free from the logical realms. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in vast directions, beyond the physical into the unlimited spiritual dimensions. You will find yourself in a new and wonderful world taking advantage of your enriched productivity with that of the spiritual world. Your balance blesses you with synchronicity and guidance to act with awareness in the eternal rhythms of 44.


The rebirth of my friend Roz began. She was transformed into the higher octave as Roz 88.


As the mandalas grew and the sounds strengthened, and the energy flowed into higher dimensional frequencies I was given guidance to look out for The Lions Gate, a frequency of Pi 44 : 44. Like all cryptic messages I was to experience unexpected synchronicities first hand to confirm I was on track and perhaps to let me know I wasn’t delusional. The manifestation of the messages I had received continued to happen. The Lions Gate opened on a day of no particular significance, except I was with my friend Kerry who had been the Sound Healer in my dream. I was telling her about The Lions Gate and the curious message of Pi 44 : 44. As I was at a set of red light I was waiting behind a black Mercedes. The number plate was Pi 44 44.


It continued to happen.


This time I was with Roz standing on a footpath next to a car park in Buderim. She had been my brothers life coach, instigated by a friend in Sydney. Roz was introduced to the board game Self Mastery by my brother. I met her not long after that to teach her how to use the game with groups of people. Self Mastery also vibrates to 44.


I was animated in telling her the story of the codes of new consciousness, how 88 the product of 44:44 was so significant. Even the universe continually confirmed its significance by placing in front of me the manifestation of the magic of numbers.


As I continued to tell Roz the story, I saw the number plate of the car we were standing in front of. This was another black Mercedes this time with the number plate ROZ 88.


So my friend Roz 88 was born.


88 symbolizes fortune and good luck. In unity with the heart of the world with the heart of the Universe, 88 mirrors the heart of the cosmos and the heart of Eternal Power encapsulating the celestial rhythm of the four elements, fire, air, earth and water in perfect balance. 88 is the leader in metaphysical philosophies, a trail blazer and Master of divine discipline. Roz certainly was this!


February update.

“True creativity arises from a union with the divine, the mystical and the unknowable. Then it is both a joy for the creator and a blessing to others.”

Osho Zen Tarot


Roz 88 joins us again to give us the vibrational energy around February.

The following story relates symbolically to the card that births the seeds of new life, new ideas and to some of us who plant positive seeds through action, visualization and positive thought, have the potential to manifest the luck to create a joyous rebirth in February 2017.


Roz 88 had shuffled the mandala cards and randomly chose ‘The Creative’, of which she put down the front of her blouse over her heart chakra. She sat in the sun and began to sing the code. Sei-ha-ee-ar-el-chass-maa-lim

As she read the section on sewing the seeds of spring and that it was time for her business to expand, a bird flew overhead and dropped a seed pod from which quite a number of black seeds were released, scattering around her feet.  She collected the seeds to remind her that to grow she needed to plant her ideas. Each seed she planted in her heart’s desire became the expression of her potential.

Her network began to expand as she pushed through. She blossomed. The message of Jupiter, The Creative,  came through the seeds given in a synchronistic display of right timing. I looked at the golden bird in full flight in the card. Jupiter brings alive the desires and messages we wish for. Let February do the same for you.


You may want to sing the code or use it as a mantra to help bring you into alignment with your creative expression or let the energy of luck find you and for you to find luck.


The Code. Sei-ha-ee-ar-el-chass-maa-lim

(pronounced: see-har-e-are-el-chaz-mar-limb)

Magic Sound. Its resonance encourages us to take hold of our brilliance and utilize our potential. It is a sound expressing triumph. Its frequency creates a harmonic dance within the heart of desire.


When a seed is planted and attended to with a clear intention it brings forth new possibilities.


The Creative Card

The lightning bolts spread out and beyond the electric blue backdrop of the universe. The beauty of the mandala hides the more sinister tones of Zeus. But to experience a tidal wave or a symbolic tsunami is both tremendously important and necessary to shake us into consciousness and awaken our potential and drink the elixir of success.

The two olive branches in the mandala express victory, survival, and reconciliation after the internal bolt of lightning. They express the peace that comes from the source of our creation. The thunderbolt restores good will and destroys ignorance. The spring garden blossoms and stretches us towards our highest aspirations. Patterns dance to the expectation of an abundant spring. They encourage us to open up and blossom to remind the world how beautiful and talented we are. As we flower we become our potential.


From an overview, the mandala becomes an intricate pattern of confidence, personal growth and an acceptable, philosophical outlook on life. It allows us to emerge from a bud displaying raw potential; the Creators of our universe, the universe is our creation.


It says to us:

Dream beyond the boundaries of mind and embody the fairy tales to which you relate. It is with conscious dreaming you will bring a wish into manifestation.


Message: Become the beauty that you are and the miracle of your creation.


In February you are given the opportunity to celebrate the gift of spring, where you have the potential to excel and blossom in your fullest expression. Travel may call you, or promotional networks widen. At the first sign of discomfort do not close down, but push through to blossom your magnificence. This is a time to show the potential of your genius.


You are re-establishing your freedom in order to receive the blessings and creative support for future plans. Prepare to take advantage of lucky breaks that come your way. Good fortune rains upon you to confirm victory, survival, peace and reconciliation after an internal bolt of lightning. What that bolt of lightning is, only you will know because it comes out of the blue and discombobulates you for a short time. Surrender to its power.


If you are productive and create things which uplift and inspire others, you will increase the chances of abundant return. It is time to say what you mean and mean what you say, getting across the true meaning without being misconstrued. At the same time only speak impeccable words.


Listen to what others say without thoughts racing ahead. This assures you the courtesy of being listened to. Exciting and creative courses expand communication and is the essential link to knowledge, learning and understanding. Maybe you need to kick start a project, sell an idea, teach, sing your song and move towards the spirit of adventure. As this card embraces the child, perhaps you need to move like a spontaneous child, unafraid of blossoming from your buds of potential. Perhaps you are about to birth a divine child or a product that makes the world a happier place. There is the possibility to paint your world a softer colour and let your rhythmic pulse resonate with your beautiful expression.

As this card has high vibrational resonance, it encourages you to take hold of your brilliance and utilize your potential. It is a frequency expressing triumph and creates a harmonic dance within the heart of desire.


On a challenging note, February activates the voice of skepticism. You may hear words that manipulate the masses but will distinguish between authenticity or inauthenticity, lies or truth. Those who bullshit, manipulate and over exaggerate are exposed. Like a lightning strike, it lights the truth and exposes the lies.


How often have we been bullied into believing we are imperfect. Like a genuine and beautiful seed planted, it continues to grow into its full potential unless we destroy it with self doubt and low self esteem. We are divine and need to blossom that which is divine within us. February encourages us to breath in the scents of a beautiful life and stretch ourselves to rise above the mundane into the light of a brighter spring.


Action: Create positive pictures in the mind. Voice your opinions without judgement. Crack open the seeds of potential, release them so they take root and inevitably blossom.


Gift: A lucky opportunity presents itself as you skip to a new and lighter rhythm, enjoying life to the fullest. Talents are noticed and bring increase and reward. A rich harvest can be yours.


















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