Self Mastery Newsletter February 2018


February not only relates to the symbolic square and jigsaw puzzle, but sacred stones of mother Gaia, The Emperor in the tarot and Numerology numeral 4



Creating order. Forming a strong foundation for lasting success. At times boxed in through restrictions from antiquated laws. Plans need to be carefully measured. A data base is given to help with achieving your goal. An honest approach gives you an advantage. Seeing into the window of the soul. Connecting to the centre of Source energy where anything can be achieved. Circumstances happen to take you to the roots of your existence as your actions and decisions move you through highways and byways of earthly experiences that support the gathering of your talents. They are inventive and professional, creative and esoteric, grounded and visionary, even scientific and practical. But as a dreamer you can create the dream through believing you can.  All of your experiences are being brought into a state of exciting new existence and new platforms from which to work. Blockages are a matter of perception. Let the symbol of the square secure your future blueprint. Never limit your potential.


Jig-saw puzzle:

There is a certain mystery to how everything is going to come together in sequence. The missing pieces that are needed to create the full picture are found in the oddest of places. In turning over every stone a puzzle is solved. Help is offered through technology and formats that have been designed and proven to work. Sometimes the best result comes from ancient formats that have lasted through time. By following government procedures, council rules and regulations and building codes, the project continues to develop and show signs of coming together. In anything that is done the base beginnings have to hold secure and sure. Your project is accepted, hard work pays off and tangible results occur. You may feel tired, unmotivated and procrastinate to pull everything together and complete your tasks. Hands on, effort, consistency and attention to the small details will deliver the full picture. Even if menial tasks, frustrations and plans trap you or frustrate you, continue to be systematic and stay focused on the outcome you want.



When the Self Mastery board game was building its powerful blueprint I was guided to use stone agates as personal talisman to mark the movements around the board - not plastic bottle tops used in most board games.


People pick up stones without knowing why they have a sort of magnetic attraction. A stone holds an energy, a living memory, a mystery that fascinates us. They represent the earth of all things, our platforms, structures and our grounding. Stones are down to earth, unalterable, immortal and out of this world. Ancients believed that some stones contain our life-force with all its mysteries. Stones become monuments, places where spirit doorways open to insight and altered states. Crystal stones are used for healing, protection and guidance just as The Philosophers Stone was an instrument of regeneration and alchemy, or the Alchemical stone was symbolic of “knowing the centre of all things.” The stone carries the Spirit of Life, and the Key to unlocking the secrets to transform life.


Guidance on stones given for Self Mastery board game

During the development of the game I was given a cryptic message I didn’t fully understand -  “Realms of polished stones and Polish your stones.”


This got my attention. I asked for more guidance.


“A polished stone is being on earth but reflecting the brilliance of above. The stones in the game take on the energy of the Soul of self - mastery. The number which falls from the rolling stone connects the magnetic field between person and higher truth and moves the individual to the necessary information points which relate soul issues for the player to understand.


It is the magnetic energy that resonates with the higher forces to align to the movement that is uniquely yours. The magnetic energy enhances your own healing and understanding of all that is there for you to master life.


The stones issue forth ways to move and messages to follow. The rolling stone takes all the information that is given and collects it to create the words of what matters to you. The stones resonate to the rate of energy the individual resonates.

The stones are far more important than you thought. They carry vibrations that direct the rolling stone for the individual to receive the very information that is healing, beneficial and appropriate.


When you begin to resonate to a higher energy you can create your dreams and master your life.”


Rolling stone related to the dice throw


It is amazing how often I have seen after the dice is thrown, settle and then by its own accord roll over again. The dice seems to vibrate and the energy flips the dice over. The new number inevitable gives the player the perfect number that aligns them to the necessary guidance from either a symbol or card section. Perhaps this symbolically means we can in February wait patiently for things to align perfectly.


Overview for February


The Emperor:

The Emperor represents the mentally active, respected authority figure due to the ability: to give form and structure to his life; to develop concrete ideas and plans; to the use of logic to solve problems; to activate his organizational abilities; to the decisions he makes based on instinct balanced with hard facts, evidence and logic; to hold to the truth with honourable actions and leadership qualities; to maintain a private empire; to revert always to basic facts without embellishment The Emperor has the qualities of the loving father figure and one that protects those he loves including animals. Sometimes he is rigid and emanates a severe demeanour. He helps make the world a better place in which to live and emphasizes the ability to calculate and control. He uses his unshakeable will power, fixed purpose and skills to bring his life into form. The Emperor rules over thought and reason rather than emotions. The archetype suggests a person who is controlled by the human conditions in connection to the ‘rat race.’ The Emperor although it is concerned with material things, holding its position so it is not abused, maligned, stolen from or controlled. Its lesson is rising to trust that which occurs on the physical plane does not affect the faith of the Spirit.


Numerology 4

February indicates success and accomplishment after perseverance, patience and forming practical ways to enter into the realms of the unusual. By using technical and managerial skills with confident authority, you format ways to reconstruct, design, build and ground your dreams which not only benefit you but the structure of the whole.


A key is presented to find a way to heal your body or to steer you into a new course in a way you don’t expect. It opens a doorway to the Aladdin's cave, gifting you with material gain. Like Aladdin you open the magic cave of potential and see perhaps for the first time the riches that reside within you.


As you earth your wishes, you secure and help others build upon firm foundations in alignment with the continued well-being of earth. To achieve personal enlightenment and receive maximum benefit, work from the highest level of integrity and with a clear mind and an organized system and results will materialize. Your wish comes true.


4 represents the reversal of negative disturbances and helps retain peace and happiness, solidarity and tradition. It encourages you to love your journey, which is a sacred pilgrimage, inevitably entering the doorway to your spiritual purpose mirrored in your earthly purpose.


4 supports the stable plan, the base blueprint on which everything is built. It is the builder in both the material sense (work has to have value) and the builder of spiritual blueprints (spiritual transformation and cosmic, 4th dimensional downloads). It forms and presents the visible signs and the outcome of your endeavours.


Spirit: I am that I Am, the Divine Blueprint of earthly and esoteric wisdom.


In love and light



















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