The Golden Keys to Mastery works on the principle of Spiritual Alchemy, turning leaded situations into molten gold, awakening the flow of golden opportunities. You are given the golden nuggets of new consciousness through a series of guided processes that access unlimited possibilities as you reconnect to your Souls purpose. There will be a sense of “coming home.”


You will transmute darkness into light.


The Keys give access to open the internal doorways to your true self. With clear intention you will birth new possibilities and activate the angelic wings that you were born with giving you a sense of emotional freedom to be who you truly are - powerful beyond measure.


You will generate currents of light
                that illuminate new possibilities.


The Keys given come in many forms to unlock exciting new formats for your life. With fresh

opportunities, unique and transformational techniques, you move beyond the limitations of

beliefs and redefine your birth right and discover your master blue print. Your Master Key gives

access to the sacred and practical light- filled realms in the unlimited source of self.


Unlock your potential through new and

                             exciting dimensions of Being.


Imagine a course that supports you in birthing your Golden Keys which open the doorways to spiritual insights, ancient knowledge, self awareness, creative expression, intuitive wisdom and inner spiritual guidance. You will have the opportunity to breakthrough. Outmoded beliefs are terminated helping you become lighter in order to birth your magnificence.


Awaken the mystic expression of the true heart.


Your innate wisdom arrives on the slipstream of truth, the truth of the pure heart that you will begin to hear the light filled whispers from the celestial messenger of your heart that you are divine, magical, perfect, amazing and special.


You are the seed of enlightenment.


This course will take you on a new adventure, raise your frequency, initiate the masterful self and

activate your brilliance. You will be taken into realms of new consciousness through a “Stepping

Stone Process,” a “Cornerstone Process,” a “Potato Process,” “Pyramid Process’”and a Spiritual

Self Mastery Process.” If it sounds different and intriguing - it is!


Experience the unexpected


You will travel into the realms of new possibilities and explore many tools that expose your shining gems of brilliance.


Let us embrace breakthrough

                as we enter the mystery.


As an Intuitive Guide I give you leading edge mastery tools, using the Spiritual Self Mastery Source

board game, visual meditations, mandala and divination readings, your sacred number, ceremony,

symbology and other modalities to activate the Golden Keys to Mastery.


Manifest the Golden Keys and shine.


Weekly meetings initially cover a four week period, introducing the 4 modules that form the unique Blue-Print of Mastery. A commitment to the first four sessions is essential. To continue the journey to Mastery I have developed further life expanding modules.

The Golden Keys to Mastery

















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