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Sally Gibb-Cumming believes that the invisible sources that are now being explained by quantum physicists guided her in developing a transformational board game called Self Mastery. Self Mastery takes you into the realms of new possibilities; a game that presents you with the keys to unlock the genius within; a powerful mastery tool to awaken your true potential and align you to the source of possibilities.


Sally’s background is in the creative field working as a freelance artist for many years illustrating a diverse range of children’s books, fashion, and advertising.


Self Mastery is the ability to go from
   vision to reality and to be responsible for it

With Sally’s 27 years as a professional numerologist and experience on the ABC radio program Thoroughly Cosmic Thursday gave her an added advantage when writing, teaching, guiding and presenting esoteric wisdom.


Sally entered the transformational and self development schools of new thought in the late seventies learning meditation and embarking on breakthrough courses that developed her spiritual senses and metaphysical research.


This took Sally into exploring new paradigms of thought with the ancients and began her spiritual journeys to Kashmir, Ladakh and sacred sites in Egypt. Here she meditated with the monks, practiced yoga on the mountain tops and witnessed initiations in the Kings’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as between the paws of the Sphinx.


As an Intuitive Guide, Alchemist and Symbologist Sally says, “Let us dissolve into the vast infinity of possibilities and awaken our Mastery and Divine Knowledge we hide within the buds of our potential.”

You are born to resonate with your Source

















Self Mastery Source is committed to impact the world with inspirational, innovative and exploratory tools that form gateways of possibilities through which a new stream of consciousness flows for self-discovery, transformation, empowerment, healing, solutions and mastery.


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