Self Mastery Newsletter January 2016


David Duchovny the actor in X Files was standing in the Golden Keys Room engrossed in a process that I was teaching. As they say, ‘the truth is out there’, but of course it is inside this dream. Yulia, a psychic medium who I actually had the pleasure of teaching was sharing the process. Both David Duchovny and Yulia connect to the energy of other dimensions of Light, the weird and bizarre and Universal Consciousness. They seemed to be illuminated by a light coming through the window of the course room that was opening the doorway to new dimensions of thought that seemed to be guiding not only them, but myself sharing the journey into the realms of new possibilities. We were being empowered by a greater truth.


Perhaps I am about to embrace something extraordinary and enter into the mystery and find more Golden Keys to open the perfect doorways to a greater wisdom. Perhaps 2016 will open the doorways to the pathway of illumination being born in this Universal Year of 9. 9 pulls things together as well as bringing things to a conclusion. What I gleam from my dream together with the 9 Universal Year is about expansion of consciousness and using the tools we have been born with. Yet 9 brings to mind the symbol of a backpack that we carry. What we have in it can weigh us down or it can be the Source of all the tools we need that guide us to achieve our dreams.




2016 has special significance since it is the vibration of divine evolution. It is considered the Key of Collective Consciousness, the Source of Souls and raises high standards of service and humanitarian acts for the rebirth of a better world. With integrity, love and compassion we may catch a glimpse of a greater plan and encapsulate the Higher Universal Light. It calls us to adventure through the threshold of the unknown to know Divine Communion with our Soul. When in alignment to Source, the intuitive-self taps into the inner planes of consciousness and inspires the connection to the source of wisdom which enables us to make important decisions that contribute to humanity in a field that is of great significance to the universal world. It encapsulates the creative vision, the author of life, the art of alchemy, the composer of universal sounds, the highly inspired visionary and the broader knowledge gained from the akashic records.


The vibration surrounding 2016 offers access to deeper universal mind-body-spirit intelligence that helps us towards writing, creating, developing higher standards and healing. We must no longer let politicians, organizations and government bodies skirt around the truth, but call to see the fine print, the hidden undergarments to be aired in their full colours. The future of this earth depends upon the light of truth. In the coming months we are offered the opportunity to bring many of our projects to completion. It is full of penetrating thoughts and a mind that lives in day dreams and drama as we undergo a major phase of divine conscious awareness. Everything is now in place to support our ultimate goal of peace if the world is willing to find the wisdom in ending old patterns that no longer work.


Prophecy: This card suggests you are on the edge of something big. Be prepared for a major turning point in your cycle. Finishing up, pulling together, tying up loose ends and releasing any outmoded beliefs and attitudes, past injustices, addictions or attachments to people or things that keep you stuck.You are in the wisdom cycle of growing up and creating an inspired rebirth. Every thing you desire can come together.


What you begin now may not last but it teaches you worldly ways, expands your consciousness and allows you to see things from a greater height, from the perspective of a wise hermit. You move from the sunset into finding your way in the dark and rebirth after the death of the old.


A holiday or trip overseas may open you to different nationalities and give you the expansion at this time. A goal will be realized, a project finished, an end to a cycle with a new one arriving on the horizon, from darkness into the light of a new day.


It is a time to be unlimited, open minded, inspired and free from the bud of confinement. It carries deep emotions, inherent wisdom and sees beyond distractions. You will want to make the world a better place by turning the mundane into something magical. You can begin to influence others and determine the mood of a group.


You are capable of outstanding creative work with a global outlook. You are evolving to a higher vibrational plane and opening the doorway to a deeper meaning to life by delving beneath the covers to understand the inner workings of yourself. The sleeping artist awakens and taps into the higher vibrational fields of the dramatic arts.


Symbology for 2016:

We are all actors on the stage of life playing out our drama. We can choose to play in our Shakespearian tragedy or make our lives more palatable through seeing that life is our stage in which ever way we choose to play. Is it our thinking and perception that makes our reality a tragedy or a comedy?


This year we can choose to end the play we have been in, let go and move onto the next chapter of our lives. Many things come to a head, change form and push us to the brink of a new life.


2016 in a Universal sense is a year of finishing up. The old play is over. The playwrite needs to create a new story line and end the outmoded ways. The critic needs to change the way of judgements and allow the opening night of a new play to be acknowledged but not criticized for good or bad. Each one of us is responsible for playing our part in this world. The audience has gone home and our lives are left with us feeling we succeeded or failed. It all depends on the applause we hear, or the boos we imagined or dreamed up. Emotionally we have become oversensitive and left feeling overwhelmed, nervous and anxious.


Yet this is the year for taking nothing personally and surrendering to life and watching our acts with an impersonal view. This is the year for release and transforming the play into something that feeds the audience within us. Through the death of the old story we shed tears for what was once familiar. We feel both sadness and joy depending on our perception. The play of life, during 2016 gives us a profound celestial experience that opens the pineal gland, the master switch that lights the stage. We move through our illusions and act in the light of a new play.


Your Gift: Full attainment of desires is achievable. What you do is pure perfection. You may play the lead role and be noticed. Worldly involvement. Wisdom used. Something is done on a huge scale. Lofty ambitions fulfilled. Increased personal awareness. Given more scope to extend yourself. Some person or magical event broadens your mind. Tremendous goals achieved.


Your Lesson: To learn to give freely of emotions through inspiration, kindness and sacrifice. To learn how to use your energy wisely. Once you have fulfilled your role, move on. To evolve to a higher point. To light the lantern of wisdom within. To learn to be kind to yourself.


















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