Self Mastery Newsletter January 2017

Overview for 2017

As we have access to our vast and powerful internal universe we are the master key to unlock absolutely everything we desire to create.


Let your sunrise begin.


The Sun represents the supreme creative. It is a transformer of energy, magnifying any force to instigate a shift which is powerful enough to create tangible results. It gives life to all new ideas. It represents the numeral One which is the divine male principle; the absolute; the one thing which we all want; the achievement of the goal; perfection and leadership. It suggests courage, impulsiveness, perseverance and authority.


Symbolically 2017 is all about birthing a new you; in the way you think, deal with others, view life and conduct yourself. Liken yourself to a ‘being’ enclosed in an egg, it takes effort to breakthrough and crack open and birth yourself into a new world. Old templates begin to drop away; limitations are removed. At first, things may seem unfamiliar but as you surrender, adapt, rethink, switch on and survey your new surroundings you become more and more conscious of your transition. It always takes you into the realms of new possibilities as you renew your connection to your true self; the light within.


Any baggage from the past is dropped and burnt. Like a cremation or the phoenix, you have destroyed the past and this year rise to meet a new day, a new life and create new beginnings. If you focus on the ashes you wallow in the funeral pyre and remain blackened by the past; the veil becomes denser, but if you see the ashes as a means to renewal you become the powerful phoenix that flies through the veil and realizes it may need to change form totally or create a transition while in form. Some will rebirth and become conscious of creating new form, while for other it is time to move from the earth plane.


This year is about your awakening and your power which resides in this moment. Stretch your wings and fly with the energy frequency of the sun.


The Awakening Card gives power to transforming and magnifying energy to instigate a great shift in gear, from a low frequency into a high speed manoeuvre, primed like a rocket ship taking off... its destination to that which is desired. Some call this Ascension as we emerge in new creation.


This card refers to new beginnings, self motivation, renewed independence and helps you rise to new states of existence and for you to gain some prominence in your field of expertise.


It transcends victim consciousness and helps transform your energy into leadership mode.


The Sun suggests new formats are being created along with a renewal of life. Things are warming up as the fire of passion burns with excitement. You are a divine individual that awakens potential. The sun fuels the energy to seed an idea and channels the inspiration necessary to develop projects with a creative flair.


Your rebirth may take up to 9 months. September will be a month where you totally drop away the attachments to the past.


The Awakening depicts a Phoenix who rises from the ashes - out of endings is born something of great benefit. The mystical phoenix clutches the divine egg which holds the seed of new life and unlimited potential. The egg is the image of the Non-Being cracking open to begin the journey as a Physical Being; from unlimited potential into furthering potential. The egg represents the source of opportunity to manifest with ease the successes we desire.

The bird springs from our fertile imagination, from the source of creativity, action and light.


He is the Sun god, the embodiment of a supreme being, He is superimposed with an eagles head so we are gifted with higher sight, resurrection and the return of radical reform.


The feathers are associated with taking flight towards new horizons. They represent the angelic realm in which we frequent in our unfolding dreams to awaken and activate in reality on the material plane.


When viewed from a distance the pattern looks like a warriors shield. It serves as a spiritual weapon for self defense from the ego mind and protection from fears. It is the attribute of the Hero archetype. It represents the creative force in its most primal state. Its resonance guides us on the path to the ultimate sunrise. It opens the channel through which the life force flows into the golden path leading us beyond the restrictions of the mind into the horizons of opportunities.


The bird or Phoenix seems to fly through space and time, swirling in rhythm with its free spirit, within the universal circle, capturing the seed of renewal with the potential to birth and activate desire. The flames in the centre seem like dancing dervishes twirling around and around in spiritual ecstasy calling us to return to the centre. The snake represents a kundalini experience or the rising up of a powerful frequency to awaken and show how brilliant we are when we focus our attention on our potential.


















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