Self Mastery Newsletter January 2018

The Path

No one saves us but ourselves.

No one can and no one may.

We ourselves must walk the Path.



Message of a Spiritual nature:

This is the time to ignite your spirit of positive change and respond to cleansing the impurities within through the process of alchemy. This means looking at the mirror of yourself, and seeing the true reflection of your nature. It takes awareness to make sense of what you see and invokes a deeper sense of who you truly are. Inspiring answers and downloads drop into your consciousness as you look into yourself and find the time for daily meditation practices. You will be touched by exciting messages that support your alchemical state in transformation, breakthrough, transmutation and shifting from one reality into another. Messages arrive on the slip stream of Light as you process the physiognomy of your face. The process of viewing yourself for 11 minutes opens a portal to truth of who you are. To condense this time work with 2 minutes.


I have experienced this process and I saw things falling away that weren’t too nice but I needed to release some of my shadow acts and stop sabotaging myself. It might appear a challenging visual, yet in doing the process I experienced the whole range of 11, from breaking down to breaking through.


Prophecy: This is the time of Divine Inspiration and spiritual growth through awareness and transformation on your path towards wholeness. This is the time to access your mastery with your highly developed intuition. With the light of a new way you navigate through the darkness with ease, finding resolution to issues that have been until now unsolved. It requires of you co-operation, non-resistance and balance.


As a beacon of inner light you light up. Others are drawn in by your brilliance. Like a light bulb going off you hear guidance and attract the perfect people who will help support you. Most of you are in the supporting style group, yet right now you need to let support come to you.


You hear the inner voice that speaks insightful truth and love. It calls your attention to something greater than what is seen. As psychic downloads are possible, the light that shines from your aura illuminates everything you do, putting you on notice or in the limelight. Even if at first it all seems impossible to make a difference, the opportunity for success is there as you tame the higher electrical currents and walk through an initiation doorway with your inner light guiding the way.


Aspects of the Master Number 11

The 11 Universal year suggests a sudden awakening as many emerge from a sleep state, waking up to feeling intensely alive, enthusiastic and insightful. This is a time when we turn dreams into reality and create the paradigm shifts, moving from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Amazing experiences occur with surprising, exciting and electrifying conditions that push us beyond our comfort zone. 11 helps us access new dimensions of consciousness.


The high frequency energy of Master 11 asks us to share our brilliant concepts, intuitive knowing, radiance and inspirational ideas in the form of creative expression.  As we breakthrough our perception changes. We make adjustments and realize we are of great value to the world.


You have the chance of a life time to share, shine and influence those who need your guidance. Full recognition of your gifts may follow. 11 is stepping up to a higher level of evolution. You have the chance of being instrumental to make a difference in the area of your focus.


Some of you will scream, rant and rave at the injustices of the world yet the very nature of 2018 is in the purification of many situations. The reckoning. The shake up. The Divine realization.


The symbols of Duality and Reflection:

11 has two sides, like a two edged sword, a positive and negative charge, a light filled world - a dark filled world. Your journey is both one of magic where dreams manifest - a bliss never experienced before; breaking through the normal channels to enter a world of Light and spirit. The other journey running parallel to the Light filled world is in chaos - the chaotic world where you breakdown, collapse in a heap of frustration and see before you the fractured pieces of your life. These pieces cannot be glued back together again even though you try to resurrect relationships and old stale parts of you. An epiphany will jolt you into seeing a truth to the parts of your life that need release. In your surrender to what is, you will view the pain or loss, the dramas, the old stories and finally let go. A new awareness embraces you. Spirit will encourage you to step into your power, both intuitively and in the way of action with your pioneering spirit. Spirit is powerfully strong in an 11 year. It is a master vibration of evolutionary change for each individual and for the world. Duality encompasses the yin and yang. Two hearts mirroring each other. Seeing into the mirror of yourself reflecting things you love and things you dislike about yourself. You will find the way through the maze of life by shining your light on murky states. Gaining a high distinction. Standing tall as a leader of truth - as a warrior of spiritual principles. You carry the mark of Divine insight.


Your Symbols that embrace 2018

Sun’s rays: Each ray is symbolic of the energetic fire that ignites the whole (soul) of man, possesses power and influence; it is the engine that powers the flame within taking us in the direction of our focus; it clarifies. The Divine masculine takes control and activates desire. The sun opens the portal to new beginnings on the original path of creative self expression, the energy of determination, achievement, tenacity and perseverance.


Fire: This symbol alerts us to burning and releasing the dross or negative patterns within. We need to cleanse and know our pure truth. Fire banishes darkness, cleanses and purifies; it symbolizes the eternal flame of love; stirs us to passionate involvement with that which brings leaded situations into molten gold. It heals, it wakes us up and takes us through awareness and expanding consciousness. Fire becomes the power of our will. It also brings in volcanic action and fires outbursts. World leaders will need to handle world affairs carefully, intuitively, rather than excessive control and hot headed outbursts. They need to be the lighthouses that guide the world to safe ports; the leaders that are enlightned with intuition and with a strong yin principle.


Remember fire boils away intuition, gets out of control, needs to be tamed and for those in power to be aware of the excessive egos fighting for control. Fire evaporates water and leaves the spirit parched. The masculine principle carries with it the opportunity to go to the heart of any matter, to become the flame of light, powerful, self contained and complete in the knowledge of masculine, assertive energy, leadership and singularity. It is ruled by lightening strikes, hot weather and eruptions of energy.


Moon: The Moon shares a story of birth, growth, fullness, decay and disappearance. It lifts the veil to reveal rebirth and transformation. The Moon is the vehicle through which the Divine Feminine flows opening the portal to spiritual awakening. The fundamental purpose or field of opportunity in the receptive nature of ourselves is to see through the dusk or veil and become aware of our Inner Being or Inner power to achieve influence to inspire others. Inner power relates to the peacemaking template, or gentle handling of difficult situations; the talent for persuasion, negotiation and working in association with others. Co-operation is essential for successful balance. The Divine Feminine carries the pattern of duality; the yin and yang in perfect balance. The Moon governs our receptive nature and our insights rising from the mysteries of the unconscious and the visible reflection of the divine light. It is fertile, passionate, emotional and delicate.


Water: Baptism. Ritual. Water is a conduit for healing an emotional situation. A reservoir of possibilities are given. This brings the practice of deep meditation where illumination is possible. Floods, storms, cyclones and tsunamis arrive on the energy waves released from the moon’s vibrational field.  The tides of change are upon us as we tumble through the portal of the unexpected. Remember water puts out fire of passion and action; water can build to a crescendo and dump us head first into difficult situations if we are unaware.


More Symbolic Wisdom:

Gateway of 11: In entering the Gateway, time and space dissolve, communication becomes crystal clear, an upgrade is given and what you are meant to do is already preparing to come into existence. The gateway becomes the mirror of your potential or equally destroys potential through fear. Due to some global crises your spiritual growth will escalate. More of you will walk through the gateway of spirit where revelations occur. When the world is in chaos we as individuals enter through the gateway and are confronted by opposing forces.We are met on the one hand by peace, stillness, love and epiphanies. On the other, chaos, upheaval and breakdown. Yet we do not need to reside in the chaos unless we hook into the path that is fraught with pain. We each have choice to flow easily into the mastery of 11. The Golden Age is upon us where profound spiritual potential manifests. Difficulties do ignite the desire to seek peace and spiritual purpose. There will be instant awakenings, like a bolt out of the blue.


Gateway to Inner Sanctum

The Card

Two angelic figures bow towards each other in a mudra of prayer. A blessing is given in respect to acknowledging the yin and yang that lives within each of us. The sun and moon sit in perfect balance on the Crown chakras and shine forth the light and warmth needed for our survival. The beings represent two upright columns that lead us to the ‘temple’ of our inner being. It gives outstanding qualities to breakthrough any limiting conditions. It amplifies individuality, intuition and originality.


We are drawn to an apparition of a female levitating above a golden haired saint who holds her arms out in an expression of openness. Search lights spread in increasing splendour as a backdrop to the saintly realm. The light represents the rise of inspiring ideas in the purest form that has the propensity to influence many and bring ‘Divine Light’ to humanity. The card appears as a symbolic form of the archetypal visionary, a journey into enlightenment and initiation of which mystics speak; it is the light of a new day, pure and regenerative, charismatic, magnetic and shines with a genius of invention. As a doorway to our inner sanctum we are blessed with revelation.


Blessings to you all for the year 2018

Namaste Sally


















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