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July opens a fundamental need to feel part of a family group that is functional, loving and supportive. Connections are reinforced through the effort of showing others you care about them and helping out without thought of return.


Conditions are favorable to pursue professional or creative work which calls for you to give of your time, counsel, service, expertise and guidance. You may involve yourself with an organization or group that promotes high standards and good ethics and is concerned with the well-being of all. Societies like this form the backbone of a caring community and propagate the philosophy that service is the key to creating a loving world.


You can have a profound impact on the direction that our world will take. Obligations seem to take your time and energy. Friends need your input and attention, your support and a shoulder to cry on. Insights awaken your conscious connection of doing what you love and loving what you do. This is a cheerful period in which heart connections to the spirit of love feed your soul.


As July unfolds it continues to ask of you to take care of either business or domestic responsibilities paying close attention to the duties you are allocated. It is in taking responsibility for your side of things that alleviate challenges later on. There are obligations and commitments that tend to put some pressure on you. July counsels caution, thinking carefully before you reach a final conclusion or decisions especially when contracts or other legalities are concerned. Something may unnerve you.


Make sound judgements based on facts and honest information. The environment in which you work or live may change somehow.


If your interest deals with the search for the right person, the ideal union, the right system, the perfect unit, then it has the possibility to manifest. July is symbolic of walking a path where you no longer let fear impact your life. It urges you to stand up for your rights, act with purpose, be discerning and start a new phase. July gives you flexibility but some uncertainty.


Listen to the messages that are given from your internal wisdom. You will need a certain amount of freedom to continue on an even keel otherwise you can come to a boiling point and explode.


The archetype of the guide, teacher, professional or councilor comes out to show its skills. The month covers family traditions, high standards, romance, children and heart connections. In regard to relationship you will be happiest with a patient, understanding mate who accepts you for who you are. You are at your happiest when you combine leadership and being of service without restraint. When you are of true service you receive back more than what you gave out.


Truth: If your heart is in it and it feels good the likelihood of it working is certain. Music, art, symmetry and things of beauty are necessary for your happiness.


Gift: Thanks to a loving deed you receive more than you ever imagined. You are given the heart connections you have been searching for.


Action: Adhere to honesty, integrity, professionalism and authenticity. Seek a teacher, professional or therapist to help guide you.


Challenge: A feeling of an injustice or betrayal overcome by forgiveness. Do not accept unnecessary burdens.




“Man shall discover the secret of Life as he explores Light.”


The Golden Scripts

A trip to Egypt in 1999 began one of those magical, mystical tours where I entered into the magic realms where I began speaking in another tongue; a language I did not know but a part of my subconscious knew the meaning of the words. I learnt that what I spoke is called ‘Light Language’. During a three hour meditation in the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau I began to speak in the language of the soul, a beautiful lyrical language that stirs your very soul. It seemed so familiar to me. I felt as though I had gone ‘Home’ to my roots.


The sounds are of the ‘light’ frequencies; a galactic language of love and light carrying codes of a higher frequency, carrying messages that permeate our cellular structure - messages that open our heart to loving and accepting the very fabric of our Being. As the language of light forms and releases, each sound permeates us in cosmic wisdom. The language helps fine tune our system to heal and activate change; to open us to inner wisdom; to remembering that we are powerful beyond measure. The psychic information downloads through us and we are given instruction, guidance, insights, messages and visions that help us towards our Ascension.


I now speak ‘Light Language” often since developing The Golden Keys to Mastery, a course I teach to help others awaken their magnificence. Each module gives the tools to illuminate new possibilities and unlocks the potential through new and exciting dimensions of Being. I have found the Language of Light awakens the mystic expression of the true heart. I was not to know that by the end of module two I would be called by spirit to speak ‘Light Language’. The energy waves float around the circle of woman and they enter into a deep state. This sometimes comes as a shock and some close down at first while others embrace it immediately. Some cry! By the forth module a calm pool of knowing arrives on the slip stream of truth. Every one looks forward to the lyricism of

the sound resonance.


Prior to teaching The Golden Keys to Mastery I only shared the voice of wisdom to a couple of close friends. It was when I am working on my creative projects I spontaneously let the sounds escape. It seems that I am releasing an energy that I can no longer contain. When I started experiencing the voice of wisdom, ‘light language’ coming through me instantaneously it would trigger visions or words forming pictures unfolding in my mind’s eye. I was guided and given downloads of information; messages of great personal importance.


The voice from angelic realms form a matrix of ‘Light Language.’ Its quantum energy carries the information that guides us and awakens the deeper mysteries of esoteric knowledge. ‘Light Language’ is a high frequency communication carrier. Whether you hear the voice of light or speak it yourself it gives us a deeper layer of reality which is revealed to us through the light language of sound.


Guidance: As a Seeker of spiritual truth you know the importance of self transformation. In your awareness you wake up to the importance of your sensitivity to the impressions, messages, guidance and synchronicities you receive and experience on your journey.


In Light



















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