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The possibilities for June 2015 stimulate the birth of Mercury, the messenger who brings information and synchronicity that is to be noted and listened to. He will give you the situations, dreams, people and circumstances that move you forward in unexpected ways. Flow with the movement of change as it will benefit you in the long run. To stay stuck in a rut causes obstacles that may take another five months to extricate yourself from. Flexibility and adaptability benefits this exciting period of new contracts, public activity, travel and the thrilling changes that have you expanding your life in many directions. You can easily put your finger on the pulse of excitement and follow the rabbit down the portal of change. If that means money expansion, sensual acts, exchange of contracts, an expanding career, or finally activating something that puts you out in the public arena, then down the rabbit hole you travel.


Along with your communication skills and creativity your verbal suggestions can sway others in making decisions which can work to your advantage. Sell your idea now, market your product, promote or activate the new ventures that take you further than ever before into a joyous expansion. The wind of change is blowing you back on course even if you think it is not. Let the natural process of change take you higher than before. Like the dandelion seeds, the wind takes them on a wild ride to distribute them in unusual and unfamiliar places. Adapt quickly and you will celebrate the new places you find yourself in.


Everyone has a message for you if you are mindful of the moment it is given. Even the most unlikely people or situations will give you something that expands your perception of life.

June is a month of breaking through as new possibilities present themselves. Even though there may be some peculiar circumstances to deal with, hidden things to uncover, behavior to modify, overindulgence to be aware of, you will proceed in creating a turning point on the road of uncertainty.

Spiritually this is the passage of the soul from one existence to another.


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Have you ever thought, “I am on the edge of something Big.” Well this might be just the right time to expand, branch out, release attachments, follow the will of the divine and travel the arteries of your life and enter the heart of the loving Source.


If you have entered the threshold of new life it will be likened to giving birth, moving through the unknown dark passage into the light of a new day. This is a time of a huge turning point in consciousness. An awakening of an inner knowing and renewed faith in handling emotional issues with care and wisdom. You will have a sense to work for the benefit of the whole and forge new horizons. Work with new awareness as you move into the next stage. It seems that full recognition for your potential is given as long as you allow it to enter.


For all those who read this there is a download of unusual, inspirational and creative ideas that give you the confidence to jump from the edge of fear into the void of infinite possibilities. The life you have always dreamt of is yours.

Guidance: As you honour yourself you empower the wisdom from within. Avoid being stopped by the projection of fear from others.




You are in the birth stage connected to the umbilical cord, always pulsating with the essential essence of divine protection and love. If this relates to a new project, relationship or situation you are moving with confidence to a new level as you can be assured your connection to Source continues as long as you do not sever it with fear or doubt.

Guidance: Fear is the thief of dreams. Doubt confirms your old pattern of disbelief that anything you want is possible. It lowers your energy frequency and everything slows down or comes to a standstill. This you do not need to create for yourself. Move to a new level and see how amazing you are.




You can have all the dreams in the world and lots of intentions to manifest them, but without creating the blueprints, putting in concerted effort, taking real initiative with daily actions and routines that move you forward - you're stuck in a holding pattern. You will continue to dream until you lose sight of your dream.


If you planted a seed, where would you plant it, what would you plant and would you water it, nurture it, tend to it, be patient with its growth and be around to see the buds of its potential blossom?


What would your seed look like, or dream be and would you see your wishes blossom? I encourage you to write down a dream you have had and not until this day found the courage or faith to begin the process to make it real.


Now is the perfect time to follow up with a plan of action, ground it, initiate the action and develop the dream to its full expression.


Begin now. The universe will support you along the way. Your frequency will attract to you the very people, situations and guidance needed to create it. The Law of Attraction will then bring to you the things you need and support you in the manifestation of your dream.


Please let me know what it is you want to bring alive that makes a difference to this world

and I will light a candle in your honor.


In Light



















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