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The game comes with a high energy vibration. It will do what it needs to do in order to guide you and heal your challenges. Your transformation opens the doorway to mastery.


The playing of Self Mastery seems to promote healing. It opens infinite doorways to help you master a fear, a problem, a dilemma or a debilitating attitude. Self Mastery possesses a spirit quality or energy that transforms a situation or changes the perspective of a person into seeing a positive view.


Healing occurs due to mastering self and taking responsibility.


This miraculous change or alchemy can come through one word, a phrase, a card or a symbol during a game play or through interaction with someone in the group who shares their insight. This can trigger an “on” switch for a player causing instant breakthrough, acceptance and surrender.


Never underestimate the miracles that

       occur when consulting Self Mastery.


Enthusiasm and spontaneous energy combusts to burn up the old patterns and ways, forming healthier lives. Old beliefs seem to fall away like autumn leaves, preparing for renewed life.


You may be the mirror to those

    you share the “game play” with.


If a player does not seem to get the message immediately there will be a repetition of words or same meanings until they wake up to the truth. The repetition becomes an affirmation mantra that begins to resonate within and leaves no room for past or future fractured thoughts. One literally wakes up and becomes present. This is one of the reasons a lot of writing is done it slows down the process and allows full consciousness.


Self Mastery is boundless and profound.


Self Mastery is used as a support system in times of confusion and difficulties. It helps change perceptions about issues that seem at the time challenging and fraught with confusion. A shift seems to take place and this changes everything.


Self mastery connects to the subconscious, awakening the truth to the moment of the awareness of now.

You can be assured that if you ask a question, the Source of Self Mastery will answer the appropriate and most urgent question, whether it is the one you wrote down or the one that was in your inner consciousness at the time. Consulting Self Mastery is in fact mastering the self which is the source of all possibilities.


There are always signposts given

       that guide you to breakthrough.


The Universe will reflect the signposts if you are willing to be conscious of them. Your understanding can happen instantaneously or is revealed on completion. No matter what path you travel the signs are always given. Sometimes they are repeated in order to wake you up.


The way you play Self Mastery is the way you live your life.


If you are a thorough and a detailed person your game will reflect these traits. If you take the negative view in life you will attract it too you.


Those most reluctant to play, to share or to be present have the biggest breakthroughs.

When one confronts their fears they no longer exist.  It gives great strength, courage and confidence in oneself.

Self healing occurs due to mastering the self.

Your Universe has miracles in store when you are ready to heal and are prepared to change your life.


By writing down your question the Universe mirrors one’s readiness for changing beliefs in order to change a pattern or situation that no longer supports growth towards mastery.


Sometimes Self Mastery can answer questions that are least expected. It can on occasions foretell the future and switch on the intuitive faculty.


You are not stuck!
When you repeat any of the four planes when playing Self Mastery it is because you need more information to create clarity.

When you confront your fears you move towards self-mastery. Breakthrough is profound and lasting.


Self Mastery is the game of life that creates

   heart to heart connections and expanding insights.


















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