Self Mastery Newsletter March 2016


The following poem was sent to me from a divine soul, Miraa. It came just at the right time.

I hope it arrives in your heart at just the right time.

Namaste’ Sally.


THE UNBROKEN by Rashani Rea


There is a brokenness

out of which comes the unbroken,

a shatteredness

out of which blooms the unshatterable.


There is a sorrow

beyond all grief which leads to joy

and a fragility

out of whose depths emerges strength.


There is a hollow space

too vast for words

through which we pass with each loss,

out of whose darkness

we are sanctioned into being.


There is a cry deeper than all sound

whose serrated edges cut the heart

as we break open to the place inside

which is unbreakable and whole,

while learning to sing.




Guidance: Look at the day - perfect - this is how you are, a beautiful being of love and pristine beauty. Do you not remember who you are? You will remember who you are. You will remember such a divine being of divinity in your magnificence. You are the light and the light holds all that you will ever need. You have everything you need and it is within you, you are a child of eternal light.


You are the source of all that you want - it is like a magic fountain flowing with golden opportunities, like a gold prospector you find the gold within your internal depth. You are finding the golden keys to manifest the doorways of desire that open to your highest potential. During the perfect day things gather momentum as you open one doorway after another.


Do not look outside to be fulfilled by others, look within for it is all there. When you play with the tools of your gifts you will be presented with the presents that you unwrap. The inner gifts are being unwrapped. Focus on unwrapping the tools within that are used to manifest that which you want.



I have chosen from my Self Mastery Source cards Number 30.


It is cradled perfectly in the essence of March which is a three universal month.


The vibration of 3 connects you to creativity and wholeness within the primal force of self expression. There is a desire to stretch your talents and expand the mind. The memories of childhood fantasies, the blowing of magic bubbles and the relaxed laughter in the simplistic days of your life takes you back into the sunbeams of celebrations and the imagined fairy tales of wondrous dreams. Some rapturous moments are in store for you as you leave the womb of protection and go in search of the sunshine that heralds the birth of a new being, a new venture, a wonderful idea or the romantic connection to a new love.


30 represents a dancing ecstasy that brings happiness and fulfillment, abundance and harmony, confidence and romance, as well as drawing many advantages your way. Celebrations are in order as the things you have been excitedly working on reach their fullest potential for success. As you follow your instincts the right doorways open.


3 deals with things happening in threes or feeling the third one out or dealing with a sister or other siblings. It may deal with the third or youngest child, son, daughter or sister in the family that cause you some deep concern and emotional soul searching. This vibration may deal with sisterhood between girlfriends, ending the way it is if it is not serving your highest good or dealing with family dynamics and the issues that arise from competitive and jealous states.


Under the dynamics of 3, March suggests that any action or communication must resonate with your whole being.

The Card: Three gorgeous nature divas with delicate butterfly wings are cradled in the centre of their blossoming flower. They seem to be connected with the natural rhythm of Source that exists at the centre of the flower in which they seem to illuminate with confidence. The flowers are their sacred sanctum of protection. Like childhood fantasies we are the youthful beauty of the three females that appear as a dream out of the imagination.  They know how to attract the bees to pollinate that which they want to create in the future. The buds of potential have opened attracting the very dreams, desires and wishes that they have made. They seem to be in great joy, peace and harmony. The sun rises each day to present them with warmth for them to wake up and dance the dance of life. In their abundance they attract more abundance and the honey bees gather to support the process of procreation. Bubbles bounce around in celebration of childhood memories of the times we blew bubbles and watched them in sheer delight as they took on the colours of the rainbow and floated past us as we ran with joy and popped them with our fingers.


A breeze disperses the bubbles and spreads them further afield for others to be touched by youthful, gay abandonment and the fantasy of magic. They are attracting all the elements required for a harmonious birth to take place. The potential to succeed blossoms.


The diva’s silky, golden locks in wavy strands catch the breeze. It is an idyllic life, free from stress and dis-ease. Lady beetles join the party and present us with fun, conversation, exchange of ideas and good luck. A butterfly joins in the social exchange and we transform our lives and activate the dreams we have had since childhood. Metamorphosis at times is not easy. It is the point in our personal growth that we feel the most vulnerable.  We are given three chances to create our metamorphosis and turn our life into a constant celebration of manifesting our wishes. Finally we blossom and birth our beauty and magnificence of our soul’s desire. The bees, insects, bubbles and the children of light create a celebration with the dandelion seeds that float through the cosmos to fall in the perfect arena so the seeds of desire begin to germinate. Our gifts blossom and we delight in recognition.


On another important note if balance or hope of a joyous life leaves the child within, betrayal or isolation felt; emotional abuse, fears or family dysfunction, their petals in which they have expanded close down.  The child within is bruised and wilts back into the bud for protection and solace. Your truth needs to be heard, your pain healed and your dreams maintained if you are to remain joyous as this card suggests. If this card represents you, you are emotionally delicate and so easily spurred into over imagination that can be positive or negative. In your self expression, if you feel abandoned, unimportant or unfairly treated you can be vindictive, jealous and somewhat verbally abusive. At your best, more often than not, you hold your tongue, forgive and dance to a new tune with uplifting and inspiring actions.


This card is about maintaining faith in the goodness of the world and trusting in those whom you have chosen to share your truth.


There maybe a time where you can go no further with someone, you have fully opened to the energy of love yet have to close down due to a painful situation that has been growing for many years. An ending may occur as you melt back into the natural process of life’s cycles - birth, life, death and rebirth; ending that which does not serve you, planting a new seed of expression, budding again with your potential, blossoming your talents and completing the process by moving back into the death of that which is no longer suitable to your growth. From the release new seeds are planted and the process begins all over again on a higher octave.


Gift: Social functions bring exciting communication that benefits your career. Artistic genius. Rich rewards, material comforts and abundance in many areas. Fondest hopes and dreams are fulfilled. Given an ovation. Romantic interludes. Sisterhood is magic. Birthing something wonderful. Fully blossoming at last!


Challenge: Scattered. Wasting talents. Feeling third one out. Jealousy. Gossip. Manipulation. Hard for you to believe in miracles. Self-doubt.  Difficulties with a sibling. The head makes up what does not really exist and assumptions are made to make a relationship even more challenging. Some one tries to cut the tall poppy down. Misconstrued communication.


















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