Self Mastery Newsletter May 2015 - Seeker of Light


May is an alchemical journey turning leaded situations into golden opportunities as long as you understand that alchemy takes time, discipline and patience.


May begins with changing perceptions towards career, relationships, design of life and purpose. The blueprints you developed and constructed over the last decade begin to wear down and expose the base structures. If cracks appear you will fix them.


Some things will be aborted due to the natural process of metamorphosis, others revamped with concerted effort. What you have built of your life may for a time be pulled down for redevelopment, re-connection, reconstruction and regeneration. This makes room for the changes to initiate a turning point for huge transformation. By approaching your plans with steady effort you build a stronger future in the now. However if you are lazy, impatient and procrastinate, frustration enters. Take the steps now, go the distance for you will find your power and enter the golden doorways of mastery. New skills are learnt and old skills are remembered as you diligently and conscientiously place the right components in place for the restructure of your life. Everything will fall perfectly into place. The effort to generate a great shift speeds up your journey in order to breakthrough. Pressures are released as the symbolic butterfly emerges. Now your life’s work finds its mark in the renewed blueprint of your purpose.



A Seeker is a person who wants to access a higher truth and discover the meaning of purpose. The Seeker is forever hopeful in finding the truth.


I know that light is the medium through which we become illuminated, while darkness is lack of understanding - or is it that we close our eyes and bury ourselves in a pattern of limitations? I once read: “Don’t let anyone put a ceiling on your sky as you will never see the stars”. The sky is limitless and the stars are a metaphor to light the way and become the star in your universe and excel. You are also the shining light that guides others.


As a Seeker I search to find truth. I investigate.


I drew a card at random from Spiritual Self Mastery. Synchronicity came alive and “The Seeker” was drawn.


Spiritual Self Mastery is the extension to the original board game I published. It continues your journey along the slip stream of Light that guides you into the realms of new possibilities; to the limitless, timeless Light - into the light of new perspectives.



The Seeker puts in effort to understand life and the universe through self development, selftransformation and questioning “for what purpose have I been born?” A Seeker is unafraid to turn over the stones to reveal everything, no matter how confronting it is.


SELF MASTERY is: Acting on your highest and deepest truth. Knowing that the choices you make are serving your highest good. Exploring new paradigms of thought that as yet have not been proven. Reading everything about the spirit of things. Following a format that works for you. Becoming the pulse of light moving through your veins.


Message: Once we have activated our commitment to grow, evolve and transform, we will become conscious of seeking expression through our higher self. In our dedication to creating our unique doorway, the Seeker activates a Light Key that fits perfectly in the lock. The door opens to the light of truth. When we do this we live our truth, for in truth we know the truth - that no doorway really stops us for it is an illusion of the mind - that we are divine beings of light embodying our potential - that we are powerful beyond measure and hold the keys to mastery. If we are the witness of our thoughts and consciously see synchronicity as signs, then the Seeker reads the messages given. As ‘children of the light’ we seek what has been hidden.


Revelation: I began my practice as a child from playing the game ‘Hide and Seek’. We didn’t want to be found but we sure loved the exciting process in seeking out the person hiding. Do you remember the screams of joy when we found what and who we were searching for?


Let The Seeker in you have fun discovering the light of a new day.


















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