Self Mastery Newsletter May 2016



Before I left for a ten day trek through Kashmir I needed to exercise so my fitness level could match the walk through the mountains. I filled my backpack with bricks, put on my trekking boots and walked every day.


I continued to research my upcoming trip and read about the shepherds and Mastiff dogs that I would probably encounter during this meditation and spiritual journey through Kashmir. I became fixated on the fear of having to deal with the dogs.


I grew up with dogs, but my early experiences with them was not a positive one. I was constantly attacked by a little dog on my way to the corner store and school. The laws about fencing dogs in and restraining them was not implemented in the fifties.


The faster I ran past the house, the faster the dog caught up with me and attacked the back of my legs. I was bitten on other occasions, often on the hand due to a dog smelling my fear.


As the saying goes, what you fear will come back and bite you.


As fear is the thief of dreams I was not going to let this stop me traveling to India. With another day of walking, bricks in my backpack and wearing-in my new boots, I went out the front door.


I froze!


On the driveway two huge dogs stood looking at me. One was a Blue heeler and the other, a large, scary black dog.


I finally crossed the road thinking I would get away from them. They came too. No matter what I did, stop, start, or turn around they would follow the exact path I was taking.


I heard a voice in my head telling me not to be afraid as they are your protectors.


With this I began to walk with confident purpose. The dogs now walked on either side of me. I spoke to them and our relationship developed. They walked with me for two hours. I crossed the road, almost home now and they turned around and left me.


I never saw them again on my walk around my suburb.


I also did not encounter any dogs on my spiritual journey while trekking through Kashmir.


I love the Universe how it arranges synchronicity to drop into your life to help the process of new consciousness.





May takes you to the edge where you make the choices to move beyond the boundaries of safety. You are the Innovators, the curiosity seekers and the Shape Shifters who will be called to  create a new life. You will thrive on change, activate new ways of doing things, think differently,  and speak with enthusiasm.


You will begin to feel more alive and freer than you have in a long time. With changes come uncertainties, but as long as you remain flexible and bend with the wind you do not snap but stretch yourself in a way that makes you perceive things differently. Life speeds up. It is wondrous, fascinating and yet an exhausting experience.


Mercury encourages you to do every thing differently, move in exciting new directions, network, discuss, meet new people, sell an idea, branch out, lead the way, expand, receive innovative information, grow stronger and change your mind over things that need a fresh perspective. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and ethereally you expand. Even the smallest change has an enormous impact on you - your health, relationships and career. Old patterns shift into unfamiliar patterns keeping you alert and on your toes.


This is the time of adventure, suddenly finding yourself in unfamiliar places with exciting prospects and fresh energies. You will be game to tackle anything and put an idea into the public arena that you have wanted to activate for a long time.


This is a favorable period where you will receive good news and reach high level goals if you take action and move like the swift footed Mercury.


The month encapsulates the 5 spheres and five senses which shift everything. Uncertainty may challenge you, but you have a need to turn over stones and have fingers in many arenas.


Your May journey leads you out of the shadows into involvement with life, extended learning and dealing with people from all walks of life. Diversity keeps you on your toes and the mind exploring new schools of thought.


As the Self Mastery Card depicts, there appears to be much activity, a world of beautiful possibilities, a spark lighting a different path, empowering splashes of creativity and active participation that moves you through exciting gateways of wonderful things.


















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