Self Mastery Newsletter November 2015 - Enter the spirit of a greater cosmos


This is the beginning of a new stage, centered within the energy core of unlimited potential and unafraid to take control. As you initiate movement a new state of order encapsulates something definite for a brighter future. A series of unusual steps speeds you towards a top position or at least you begin to feel you are on top of your game. November is a good but busy month to expand and develop some of your enterprises, but proceed with caution. In the element of fire there is potential for purification and renewal. If you have a passionate desire to start something new, express it in an upfront way or open new avenues for this is certainly a time to do so.

You are given a chance to succeed and birth your power. Opportunity knocks at your door. The universe offers you calm intensity as the doorway opens to greater heights of achievement, triumph and distinction in your chosen field. Complete attainment is possible as you act independently and confidently towards expanding and exploring new projects, ideas and concepts that have far reaching consequences. As this is a new cycle to follow your inner convictions and capitalize on past experiences, a shift takes place. The freedom to honour your uniqueness encourages you to take to the world something important. You will feel inspired with a new exuberance and energy to make some good changes for new beginnings. The game of life has raised its stakes and you find the winning combination to play to an audience and sell your idea. Exercise clear intentions and begin the ball rolling. Be smart with your new state of being, forge ahead, be brave as you come face to face with your initiation.


The Initiation can take you into a healing crisis by burning up the dross of impurities, raising your temperature and blood pressure before it subsides. Anger and frustration rise from the difficulties you may have experienced lately. Your Initiation brings in the flame of seeing into that which has burnt out due to stresses and anxieties. Light your candle and intone sounds that you release from the base chakra. Use the sound Ra ( Pronunciation rar as in far. ) Intone Ra out loud for ten times and observe the primal energy that begins a dominant force that supports your courage to step out into the unknown. Ra will help towards your inventive, intelligent and original actions.


Perhaps for the first time you become consciousness you have the power to grasp a new state. Anything is possible when the fire of passionate focus excites the sunrise of inner strength and you see the light of how to proceed.


A tremendous turn of events is forthcoming. What you have been waiting for may now manifest. Like the sun you rise to meet a great new day and see more clearly than ever before. The things you have done over the years are lined up to connect with the synchronicities that bring success and accomplishment. An auspicious occasion is celebrated in the turning wheel of fortune that turns in your favour.


Events that appear accidental or mere chance result from effort in the past. There is a chance to further your plans and broaden your horizon. Hopefully October did not see you giving up on a project that was important to the empowerment of self and many. November is taking action. If you see an new opportunity ripe with potential go for it, otherwise others may get there first. If there is a frustration with an authoritarian figure, boss or an Aries type character, one who is fiery and head strong, watch your reaction in order to alleviate confrontation. The month asks that you look at yourself and see how brilliant you are. Let your power rise and hold in your hands the uniqueness of who you are.


Truth: No one can usurp your position because you are a unique individual holding your space like a true warrior. An open mind is the gateway to new experiences. Only you are the alchemist turning leaded situations into golden flow.


Action: Use your foresight to move to the next step. Grasp what you want and make it happen. Go full circle and begin again. Lead. Take your measure of power. Set your goals. Trust that you are on the right path. You can manifest a force of great power to rise to greater and higher levels of achievement. Clear your debris around the house as the fire season is upon us.


Ps. I have already had a house burn down during a bush fire. It was a great leveler and of course the house was totally destroyed except for a bath tub on a cement slab. It changed my life for the better because Phoenix rose from the ashes and what was created was divine.


Number 88


When entering other dimensions through an epiphany, meditation, dreams and imagination we are given access to that which may not be explained. If we only use round 12% of our brains, then what is happening with the other 88%. This is the number of higher mastery and victory as the bridge is crossed in order to enter the spirit of the greater cosmos; the arena of a multi-dimensional world where everything is happening simultaneously.


88 is a master number and brings a turning point in a greater cycle where we evolve on the slipstream of eternity and meet our true self. It asks of us to move beyond the limitations of the personal environment, the restrictions of the cranium that houses our brain, the limited view of reality and make the shift to quantum levels.


I believe if we do we can expect huge changes as we enter other realms of possibilities. It will propel us into a higher consciousness and a new manner of living, seeing and experiencing. As we walk through the doorway of 88 we are entering the movement of expanding realities. In a new state of consciousness we are asked to adapt to those things that bring unexpected, out of this world manifestations. Like the appearance of crop circles, the mysterious phenomenon brings uncertainties to their origin and that cannot be proven logically. If we were quantum physicists we may understand what energies and frequencies are at work here. In moving beyond the mind of logic let us travel beyond the solar system into imagined worlds and dreaming perspectives that become our new reality.


When we slot into other parts of our brains some see UFO’s and such like. Others say they don’t exist but we don’t see ultra violet light, but it exists. Just because most do not see aliens or experience other dimensions of thought doesn’t make it untrue. Is it that we can’t see, hear, or travel to other worlds because we are kept in a holding pattern in the limited 12% section of our brain?


Am I mad when I say I have seen things that others do not see but I have seen them. Did I move through a doorway in my brain that has never been explored nor can be proven from the 12% capacity of our brain?


Did the stories that flourished and were passed down through the indigenous tribes come from the unlimited expansive 88%? We seem to think too much about proving things. Lets move beyond and let the 88% start the activation of a new perspective that allows unlimited possibilities.


88 is the leader in metaphysical philosophies, a trail blazer and Master of divine discipline. Its mission is to assist others to higher levels of spiritual power. 88 is the illumination of spirit energy, spanning heaven and earth simultaneously. Thinking out of the paradigm gives a broad and universal consciousness.


















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