Self Mastery Newsletter November 2016


Something begins to live within us which transcends the personal.

Our gaze is directed to worlds higher than those with

which everyday life connects us.

And thus we begin to feel and realize as an actual experience

that we belong to these higher worlds . . . .

We listen to the voices which speak to us

in the moments of inner tranquility. . .

Out of the silence something begins to speak to us. . .

it resounds through our soul.

And an inner light spreads out over our whole external world. . .


Rudolf Steiner Knowledge


It is my birthday today. Every thing I have done this year seems to have fallen through the slit in the universe.


How do I retrieve myself after so many endings and challenges? Even writing seems non-sensical. I liken it to the opening visual of the film The Matrix. On a computer screen a jumble of numbers and letters move up and down at high speed not making sense of anything. Each letter and number has a message when it is in an ordered state. None of this is revealed at first but unfolds into a full picture of understanding.


Which brings to mind the date of the American election which is on November 8. The numerology brings forth the paradoxical phrase - the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.


I have often seen this vibration in numerology charts and it brings the sunrise of new beginnings, then the sunset of endings. We have to wait for the sun to rise again so we can see a brighter future.


The vibration of 19 ( 8 11 2016 ) is under the saying - everything under the sun - the possibilities are endless - what is possible ends and what ends has the possibility of a new beginning. The sunrise moves us towards the sunset. As light workers do we hold the light during the uncertainty of the dark night? Just when we think it will never end the sun rises again. It is about things taking their natural course and knowing the sun never goes out.


19 begins with the numeral 1 which suggests a new phase. It pushes forward against all odds and paves a new course. It stands alone in its masculine force as its fiery nature burns that which is useless. It takes it’s wand of power, like a magician and becomes single minded in getting what it wants. 1 has the power of the sun so any dross is burnt up and at its end purification begins. Like alchemists the dross is burnt so the golden possibilities are extracted.


9 brings us an ending to those things that no longer work. It is a dramatic phase of completions, a Shakespearian tragedy or comedy; it conjures up the Mars vibration that also burns and heats things up. It brings a complete cycle of growth. It is a universal and a highly evolving number. Like 1 it inspires and creates life and equally brings the death of the unnecessary. It must let go before it can be re-birthed. 9 must begin to share its wisdom and take the lead to enlighten the world. 1 needs to promote new ideas and perform miracles. In fact it pertains to phoenix, the mystical bird that rises from the ashes and brings the new into alignment with the world of new possibilities and hope.


The Card that inspires the energy for November 8 2016:

The sun has risen, glowing with golden light suggesting that the new day is worth celebrating. The summer sun smiles its warmth upon us and sends out its solar flares. We are radiated with energy that supplies us with growth and life. On the crown of the radiant sun a candle burns illuminating the face of a spiritual creature that is half human and half bird. Millions of candle flames pattern outward and morph into the wings and tail feathers of the mystical Phoenix. The pattern represents the electromagnetic field of activity, changing the fabric of our physical reality. The fire bird’s headdress forms antennas that pick up the messages from the universe to guide the human to resurrection. The receptors are the gateways that lead within the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The white and red cells below the human face shift into creating the magical Phoenix that is elevated in order to transmit a spontaneous energy of liberation from the ordinary into extraordinary dimensions. The beak of Phoenix sits over the Anja chakra. The third eye begins to create spiral patterns over the face as though an initiation is taking place. All three sets of eyes are wide open to see clearly the advantages that are before them. The three chakras of red, orange and yellow glow with a vibrant light that starts the beginning of the rise to fulfillment. Red relates to our foundations and identity. Orange empowers us to believe in our passionate decisions; we are inspired to create and be all-powerful; we birth into our Soul’s dream. Yellow opens the third chakra, fills us with confidence and converts ideas into food for thought. We find our shining jewels where we store our most precious asset which is a healthy sense of self.  The colors are vibrant and dazzling which give us an advantage when we rise with the sun. Each day awakens our state of wonder to the magic of resurrection. The wings of Phoenix become our wings. We lift off into the sunrise to rebirth and rise to greater things. We have become super charged with the energy of the sun.


Overview for November 2016


November is a month where we stand at the crossroads. We have a choice to turn around and go back or make the decision to take the step and cross over in order to connect to higher realms. Quiet persistence is needed and the month is compatible with nurturing the intuitive instincts. It is a time to work towards being in balance with others and the environment. It always needs some support from females, partner or unseen guides who channel intuitive assistance to us. As we enter the center of the crossroads we come upon a circle of light which encompasses the one portal through which we travel to return to, birth from and rebirth into. It moves us into unity with the Source seed that becomes our ally. Its soul mates are females or angelic beings that give the messages for uplifting and inspiring peaceful co-existence.


It is the vibration of co-creation; the self, assisted with the higher self. It works towards resolving conflict, perhaps not purely physical in its action, but more from having faith in the power of the higher esoteric and spiritual realms. Initially anxiety surrounds us, but balance brings peace, assistance and support.


Because the vibration of November is the master number 11 it can test and challenge us. Two symbols appear to relate its power of both being struck by a lightning bolt or being guided by the lighthouse. When November is reduced to the sweetness of the nurturing, co-operative numeral 2 we naturally create a sea-saw and join with the higher form of spiritual light shining through the portal at the center of the sea-saw. Here we connect to the source of possibilities and the instinctive moon-ship of the feminine.  This is a time to be aware of the other person’s point of view and work in balance with all aspects of life. There are always two things to consider when 2 happens upon our path.


Possibilities for November:

Firstly this is a fine planning period with many little things to be taken care of and done well with patience. Everything is to be handled with sensitivity as it is a time where you are spiritually connected to higher forces with the earthly scenarios that are taking place.  What you think is transferred from the mind to the physical body. If you are conscious of your thoughts and they are positive, high spirited and of uplifting substance, miracles can manifest. When thoughts and emotions are in balance your life unfolds with a sense of calm.


You may be embarking on a spiritual journey with a partner, soul mate, or higher self for uplifting and expanding your energy frequency for harmony, peaceful co-existence and balanced sharing.


There are some minor details to take care of due to a surprising and sudden event that filters through the doorway to either bring terminations for the purpose of realignment or mutual agreements to strengthen the bond of support and interconnectedness. It may require an overnight decision and mutual agreement. Equilibrium is essential. To will an outcome at this time may not be conducive to balance. You need action but you need stillness and patience. This is the confusion at the crossroads because the opposites of pain and pleasure bring conflicting reflections. Not only can you sow the seeds and germinate your vision, but you will reap the harvest from previously planted ideas.


You are arriving at a turning point where decisions are to be made and alternative plans and fine-print read and attended to. There can be a change in location due to an intuitive hit and an inner calling. The trumpet sounds, you wake up and listen to the whispers of higher guidance. An acid elixir eats away the false and you see the conflicting polarities light up. An important decision is made and you enter the crossroads and awaken new plans and stir ambitious action. You want things to run smoothly, but at times there are the odd delays or hindrances that require patience. There will be rewards of accomplishment even though it may not always be in money. Health can improve and by the end of the transit a new lease on life will be felt.


When November is over you will realize you have achieved so much and moved through the crossroads to enter the portal to be liberated in the light of accomplishment.


















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