Self Mastery Newsletter October 2015 - The colour blue-black


In a moment of time you will know everything, but are unable to explain what it is you know.


Update on Self Mastery Source Card Readings


Clusters always seem to occur for me. When working with numerology charts many moons ago, I found that within the same week I would attract clients whose charts vibrated to the same Destiny number and Birth Path number. Even though everyone is unique it still seemed uncanny to calculate a chart that followed a similar pattern.


Clusters continue now I am reading The Self Mastery Source Cards. Every client over the last four weeks has chosen the four card spread. I call this spread the Blue Print. In every case the first card drawn seems full of challenges and issues that need to be addressed. It does not allow one to shirk responsibility for taking the action needed to create the life they want.


The first card I draw at random in the Blue Print spread covers the issue inquired about, the situation and present time in the physical or material realm. In every case this first card seemed a little pushy, direct and never minced words. It always seemed scary and a bit of a bully. I wondered if I had the courage to send the readings and hoped that the client did not focus entirely on the first card, but took it as part of the unique exposure to a truth that they would eventually understand.


As the spread unfolded each card became easier to follow. The fourth card drawn seemed to give an expansive overview and positive outcome. I put this down to the person I was reading for had made a shift. Spirit is so much more intelligent than our logical brain and knows the magic of metamorphosis. I hope my clients have gained greater understanding and have been empowered and illuminated by their readings. For more information on readings go to Guidance Readings



The Raven continues to bring messages. Raven awakens a deeper part of us as we delve into the depths of our psyche through The Golden Keys of Self Mastery. We break free of convention and enter the mystic centre. We then become the Mystery and know the secrets of the unlimited Self. Each morning during teaching The Golden Keys to Self Mastery the Raven flew overhead and called. We heard his cry, sometimes during the channeling of Light Language and at other times in meditation.


If you have an affinity with birds with black-midnight blue feathers you will sense they are your Celestial Messengers encouraging you to let the genius within find the way to penetrate the unseen worlds.


The possibilities are limitless with the connection to the black bird that is the bringer of Light of new consciousness to permeate every cell of our body with a frequency that is likened to the enormous backdrop of the Universe; it will unify and open us to the esoteric university of knowledge.


The higher we vibrate the lighter we become. Black is said to hide the gems of wisdom within so it requires us to search inside and not outside ourself. Black gives us strength to retreat within and in our dreaming state wake up and remember the magic of our internal dimensions of wisdom. It is inside where the mysteries are discovered.


Blue-Black can denote depression coming from the deeper recesses of our emotions. When we surrender to our internal flight into the dark night of the soul, we discover the depth of our pain and wonder if we will survive the journey.


Let black bird be the guardian to the threshold of new life where our journey continues through the black hole. As we travel we reach the outer limits of the cosmos; we open to new experiences, find our power and know the secrets of our

unlimited self as the eternal moon rises in our hearts. We are shown the way through the darker aspects of life and guided by the light of a full moon.


I ask Raven, Crow, Currawong and Bower bird to show us the way.


If you have a story about black feathers or black birds please send them to me and I will put them up on my next newsletter.


October Update 2015

A different perspective.


I have given October the symbol of Hekate and Seeker.


Hekate: She guards the subconscious and gives access to the collective memory to uncover, discover and understand the inner workings of the female secrets and menstral cycle. She not only heals us due to self-actualization but awakens and banishes the inner demons that taunt the feminine tall poppy. She represents the madness we suffer during the moon phases, from the full moon of fertility to the waning moon of menopause guiding us into wise woman. She gives the key to unlock the secrets of the occult mysteries and knowledge of what lies beyond the death of the body. She belongs to our fears and nightmares that take us on a journey through the dark shadows of our subconscious out into activating our dreaming to discover the healing light of intuition. She informs and enlightens us as we sift through the truth. She lets us into the secret that we have the power to rebirth into a new vision. She calls us back from the brink, back from the past of the Great Below so we rise to meet the Great Above and stand illuminated in the presence of our Moonship. She shatters the illusion of the human mind, stops the assumptions we make and supports us in unlocking our energies for the good of humanity. She bridges the visible and invisible. She helps us with the ancestral communication with the psychic world.


When Hekate is embraced she opens us to the collective source of great works of art, literature, philosophy and scientific invention. She opens the birth canal of insight and understanding and an image of our future direction and purpose. ‘Do not be afraid’ she says as you move through the dark passage into the light of a new day.


Hekate helps us to write, create, align to purpose and mature. She sets us out on our journey to the underworld to experience the consequences of our negative thinking, self destructive tendencies and attachments.


Seeker: It is the descent into the personal unconsciousness of the seeker where we find the quagmire of restrictive beliefs and make a conscious choice to break free. We are discovering the attachments that need to be severed release us from sabotage and self-deception. Seekers are brave souls that have searched for many years to find the light of transformation. Once in a blue moon we are given the opportunity to have and hold what we have been searching for. As a seeker there is a wild side, an extraordinary, spiritual being who has been working on changing the inward structure of things to change the outward structure. We have sought better health through renewed diet and healthier relationships and through the willingness to forgive and let go. We have picked ourselves up and risen to meet the challenges fully aware of our responsibilities. Full attainment and realizations are made as we have worked through intense tests. As a seeker we have stirred a hornet’s nest and discovered that wounds subside when we do something about healing all areas of our life. We bravely cleared a path within the murky states and blossom in full attainment and self realization. A seeker is a survivor of extreme dramas and knows the search is not only without but also within. I embrace the Seeker within me and know that we are the Pathfinders of a greater peace.


In love and light Sally


















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