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Last week I had the privilege of being guided through a Shamanic Journey facilitated by Jane who calls the experience Sacred Immersion. It was absorbing and we disappeared into the celestial space of the unlimited. I experienced this shamanic journey with all its visionary aspects as a message not only for me personally but as synchronicity to encapsulate some of the workings of October 2016.


Symbolic language is rich with information if you take the time to look at incidents in a symbolic light. My experience before and during the shamanic journey was one of renewal after the death of the old. The visions became a transformer of energy, magnifying a force of metamorphosis.


Even though the following is a snippet of my journey, it will seem at first challenging due to the fact that I had a vision of a burnt skeleton of a child escaping from a slit in my sternum.  In symbolic terms it refers to the release of wasted dreams, disappointments and unfulfilled desires as a child. October relates to the healing of things in the past that inevitably bring renewal and new opportunity.  October is going to be brilliant for all of you.


So here is a small piece of my journey:

The black, burnt and ashen skeleton of a child slipped sideways and disappeared into the flame of a large candle that Jane had placed in the center of our circle. A portal had been opened by the light of the flame and up she went into the light.


I did not relate meaning to this burnt child until the completion of the shamanic journey. This is the magic of spirit and the ability to look at all things symbolically without personally being moved by emotions. There were none except a detachment of events that filled me with grace and a reunion with the magical child.


This is what occurred at the end of the two hour journey. It seemed like two minutes since the blackened skeleton escaped through my heart chakra.


An albino child sat with her eyes focused on an open fire. An owl sat watching. The flames stretched their dancing tentacles high above her. She was the colour of vibhuti, a ‘holy’ ash that Sai Baba released from the palms of his hands. This sacred ash materializes out of nothing. It is said to burn away those things that need to die so rebirth is inevitable. (Sai Baba was an Indian guru)


Before entering the Shamanic meditation, myself and a friend placed the ‘holy’ ash on our foreheads. I was given a half teaspoon of this ever expanding, growing ash many, many years ago. It continues to grow and escapes from any containers I place it in. I have given away many half teaspoons of it. As it is said, “ Ash is ash forever and ever. It is the ultimate condition of things”. You put it on your third eye as it bestows liberation and moves you into a sacred state one desires to attain. Had the burnt child’s skeleton renewed itself and morphed into this serene and divinely white child?


The child looked across the flames into the eyes of what I thought was a Mayan elder. He had an unusual magenta headdress on that rose far beyond his cranium. He focused on her eyes that were like aquamarine crystal jewels that sparkled in the white light of the fire. The fire’s flames formed an outer circumference, leaving the center of the open fire free of flames.  The center seemed like a circular portal that you could stand in and disappear from as a shaft of golden light moved up through the center into the eternal galaxy beyond.


I became the child as I witnessed myself. My eyelashes and eyebrows were brilliant white that continued to form platinum hair that framed my alabaster coloured face. I appeared divinely beautiful. The guide sitting between the the fire and myself asked me to enter the ‘white fire’.


Now another curious thing; I had been given guidance on ‘white fire’ during the time of downloading codes of new consciousness during the formation of  The Milky Way sacred sound and mandala drawing.


At the time I had asked guidance on ‘white fire’. What is white fire?

The white fire invokes the power of magic and the spirits of light, the shining, golden white light of the supernatural, the fire of the moon and the stars.

The energy  threads from Source. I am the kundalini rising.

The white fire of Phoenix, rising  from the ashes, transforming spirit through a transmutation of light energies release the old in order for the new to rebirth.

White Fire is the Spirit Light cleansing all that it burns. It is not what you think of as hot fire but a white, cool , golden tinted fire of the feminine rising from the heart of Source and moving in a stream through the seven chakra system to blossom in the crown chakra.


I remembered seeing the white mist leave the body of a man during a cathartic process at ‘Self Transformations’ in the eighties. I called the white fire ectoplasm. (Greek ektos, ‘outside or external’, + plasma,’mould, shape’) I had seen photographs of Madam Balavatsky, a Russian, psychic medium who had this substance protruding from her head during trance sessions. She was the woman who helped form the Theosophical Society.


White Fire is born from hydrogen. It holds immense power, born from The Milky Way, a shining fire of light spreading across the heavens. From darkness into Light.  I am the white fire which descends from the higher chakras like a white, star filled waterfall of fire, descending and ascending simultaneously. I am purification, transformation and rebirth. I am the portal of the rising light chakra.


The Crown chakra is a receptor for incoming psychic energy. It is white, opalescent, pure, profound, perfect and the source of all things. It brings in the stream of consciousness and spiritual awareness. White Fire is the essence of Divine Purification that is showered down through the Soul Star and enters through the crown chakra. As it transmits its radiance of light it travels through the seventh chakra until it purifies the remaining six chakras.


It’s amazing how the universe takes us on a progressional journey to open the doorways to information confirming and strengthening guidance. Everything is interconnected even when it has happened in the past which becomes the now.

The ancients called it the luminous fire which is activated by shamans in deep meditation and trance and here I was in meditation experiencing a shamanic journey.

It is the external sun reflected to activate the inner sun that sustains us at the centre of our internal source. It is the luminous light fire - the shining light to continue lighting the way. An internal warmth which glows as we focus on our spiritual transformation. It reminded me of embers which will cease to exist if left unattended. I see this as a metaphor to focus on our internal embers and feed our spirit so it glows brighter for us to be guided to new consciousness. This relates so synchronistically with October.

The shaman feels an inexplicable light inside his head, within his brain and it releases like a search light to enable him to see.


So here is the overview for the possibilities in October.


This Source Cards relates to Phoenix (Child in my case) Rising From The Ashes.

October is a mixture of new beginnings and completions. It represents wholeness, going full circle, coming from a state of being to a state of becoming. It is a path that takes us in the direction of the sunrise where new horizons form from which we rise into the fullness of our talents. It is the vital life force that leads us forward, unafraid to come face-to-face with our obstacles in order to overcome them. The vibration is pulling all that we are made of together with new philosophies, future plans and assertive energy to forge ahead. It carries the power of persuasion and regeneration. It is the path of divine power where we rise to our enlightenment and the birth of lofty ideals, good fortune and rewards for our efforts. October supplies us with achievements and liberation as we rise each day with motivation and purpose to pull together our talents and achieve complete attainment and material happiness. Delays are a thing of the past.


The month carries the energies of spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom. We are presented with new meaning to our life through understanding, compassion, forgiveness and surrender. We rise from the ashes and resurrect. We know we are to let go of those things that no longer serve us in our growth or add wonderment to our life.


October encapsulates the mystical Phoenix as she rises from the ashes. We begin again as the sun shines for us to win, succeed and grab the fresh opportunities given. We are liberated, clearly knowing our true purpose, to succeed over all odds with imagination and foresight. Clarity brings an understanding of our journey that beginnings and endings are purely cycles enriching the understanding that there is nothing we can change about our journey but surrender to its eternal sequence of beginnings and endings.



This is a favorable and fortunate time to rise to greater heights of achievement. You have broken through the darkness into the light of future progress. You are given rewards for your individualism and your unique leadership qualities. You can take control to explore new modalities, businesses or dreams that enhance good fortune. Nothing seems to hinder you as you rise above taking anything personally or seeing obstacles as delaying your progress. You are alight, flaming with passion. As you travel into uncharted areas you familiarize yourself quickly with the fresh, raw opportunities you see and convert the ideas into shining jewels that are accepted. This brings a fresh start with passion and a turn for the better.  Luck seems to be on your side. Desires are being fulfilled. You may meet the person of your dreams and marry or manifest the career that gives you the added bonus of leadership and increase in earnings.


The sun shines brightly, symbolizing promotions, a new day, creative breakthroughs, clarity of thought and energy to lead and liberate. The alpha and omega connect to bring the fullness of your magic. Great happiness is yours. What goes around comes back around in a higher format.


You have the potential to reach the peak of desire, knowing that whatever you have done brings it to its fullness of expression. The sun rises and the dark night is over. Clarity brings an understanding of your journey that beginnings and endings are a cycle enriching the understanding that there is nothing you can change about your journey, but surrender to it’s perfect sequence. The naked truth is seen and understood. Even if you have a glitch of clarity pre-dawn, as the day proceeds so do your energy levels to overcome any obstacles.


No matter what occurs you will be given a blessing or praised for something you do. The archetypal divine child rises to begin a new day. With a radiance in your smile you bring warmth to others. You are rewarded for your perseverance and move beyond the times of darkness into the magic of your sunrise. Show the world who you are; take responsibility; take the lead; remain focused on the direction you want to go; show the spark of magic that lights the way in the Aquarian Age of new consciousness. Your unbending faith in your own abilities energizes your progression to reach your goals and deliver the messages as the archetype of Phoenix, as the archetype of the albino child where ash is ash forever reproducing itself.


You may feel the power of enthusiasm that assists clear perception and the ripening of your talents.

Perfection is a goal you have sought, but don’t let it stop you starting and evolving in your desire for a better world. Even if it takes a life time to fulfill, enjoy the journey. Drawing this card encourages you to play centre stage and act as though you have already achieved all that you have desired. This is called pre-paving. Eventually the energy of your act, words and play becomes the real thing. Your act will be applauded, you take a bow and begin it all over again with a fresh energy. You are reaching the peak of potential, knowing that whatever you have done brings it to its fullness of expression. The sun rises and the dark night is over.


Symbolic Energy:


Reinventing self. Regeneration. That which was shocked into collapse turns to transformation to reproduce a clean slate. The eternal cycle of nature. Recreating  yourself into a more powerful state. An alchemical energy turning leaded situations into golden opportunities. Rising out of what has been destroyed into renewal. Phoenix symbolizes resurrection and man’s indestructible spirit. Winding up old accounts and erasing past mistakes in order to start anew. Liberation. Vitality.



A constant unfolding until the journey ends. So much potential. Someone warms your heart. In celebration of marriage. With all energy contained within the heart, the flame eventually ignites the passion to move forward. From uncertainty to certainty.


If you would like more information on Sacred Immersion connect with Jane through her email address or call her on 0411 320 495


















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