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September is your master month with the possibility of outstanding leadership and the ability to alter difficult situations around money and business through wise judgement, careful management and caution. Now spring is upon us, you awaken from your hibernation and sense a powerful energy moving you towards achievement and balance in your material affairs. Your dealings with money, property, contracts, investments, stocks and shares may take some time to sort out. What you receive back is in direct ratio to the effort and action you have invested in the projects.


You have the ability now to draw power and ideas from universal consciousness and discover the truth through finding hidden information and knowledge due to your insightful questioning. September becomes an intense investigation of self which is deeply related to the inner workings of your subconscious. When you look within you find a rich pool of emotions and incidents that have made you what you are.


The frequency brings revelation through deep meditation and self-analysis. You discover the excuses you make that stop you soaring to your highest potential. Make today one of conscious witnessing, for it will raise you towards a lighter state of ‘being’. In the process of self - witnessing, focus with awareness on the thoughts that are constantly flowing through your head. They are your gems to alert you to how your beliefs hinder or empower you.


This is the month when secrets are no longer hidden. You can no longer remain invisible but show up, ignite and unleash your power and find your wings. As you progress through the process of unlocking the deeper source of power, your inner riches, you will inevitably burst into a new day shining forth with an air of magnificence. Your life reorganizes itself with life responding to you instead of you responding to life.


Focus on what it is you want to do have faith in your mental concepts and courage to face the mountains of stuff you carry around with you. You have a lot to deal with.


Opportunity comes from your natural talents and your good management. You will feel encouraged to broaden your horizons and create what you want instead of being coerced by business associates, colleagues or friends who tend to force their negative views to manipulate you into wrong decisions. You might like to take a look at your core beliefs and attitude about your own power and release old paradigms of negative beliefs that have you doubting your abilities and preventing you from breaking through your glass ceiling. If you need to be upfront to become visible do not hesitate. You are good enough, smart enough, clever and brilliant enough to bring your magic into the world. With the accumulation of energies peaking in September, grab its power and soar to a higher octave as an evolutionary leader, teacher, visionary, change maker, magician and creator. Above all, a rich inner life is reflected in a wealthy material life as you enter the doorway to mastery.






















A Raven’s wing came to me on the slipstream of the bird’s death. His perfect indigo-black wing found its way into my Golden Keys course room. As an intuitive guide I teach the ways of spirit and guide others to soar to greater heights.


Raven confirmed the essence of what I was about to teach. It encompasses the investigation of breaking through limiting core beliefs and soaring to a higher vibrational frequency to enable us to break through the glass ceiling.


The module is called “Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling. It starts on the last day of winter, 31 August, moving into the first and second days of spring. Raven presides over winter, its greatest time of power.


I chose these days for a specific reason. Six years ago on the last day of winter my mother died. As quantum theory postulates, we can be “dead and alive,” “not dead and not alive,” but we cannot be dead or alive. I feel Mum broke through her glass ceiling to become an expanded being of consciousness.


Raven reflects the mystical realms we are all wanting to access through meditation and spiritual development. He speaks of the magic of bringing into light the power of mysticism. He brings us out of the dark into the light for us to understand the language of spirit. I am told he takes us through the dark tunnel, the backdrop of the internal universe and leads us to the light. The indigo feathers ask us to blend with the cosmos and begin to see in the darkness.


He says, “ Once you choose to arrive at the end of your tunnel, you will see that the darkness was a way to arrive at the light.” Remember you are always ‘lightness of being’ as you fly to greater heights of consciousness.


Raven continues to bring to light more information. The Raven condenses time and space and he moves us, like a bird of the wing to fly to greater heights of knowing.


Did Raven come to me in this dream on the day I received his wing?


The pull of earth’s gravity has lightened. There is no huffing and puffing any more when moving the air down with my hands to lessen the density of the atmospheric pressure. I just float up with the will of the divine. I have no wings, yet I rise above the floor and in this dream move between two course rooms in which I am teaching the nature of spirit. Symbolically in one room I am a female and in the other course room I am male. A voice speaks from the ether in the corridor between the two rooms “They must work together if they are to teach others how to fly.” Was it Raven who spoke to me?


I was shown how to switch on the Pineal Gland. It was as easy as switching on a light switch. The Pineal Gland produces melatonin that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns. It is in a direct line to the third eye in the centre of the two hemispheres of the brain - the yin and yang in perfect balance. It is shaped like a tiny, pea sized pine cone. I saw it in all its beauty, a reddish grey colour. It was soft to touch and not hard like a pine cone.


I continue to fly to greater heights.


The Pineal is our link between the physical world and spiritual worlds. It is considered the most powerful and lightest source of etherial energy available to humans.


It didn’t stop there, even though Raven continued to do his magic. Raven is our magician, our creative life force that brings us the messages that stir us to shape-shift our life dramatically.


I received another wing all within a few days. This time it was a brass wing of Metatron who is The Almighty, Eternal Lord of Light, Creator of the Light in the other universes. He is the author of the sacred Tablets of Light, the energy fields which contain the blueprint or Master Program of the Higher Heavens. He gives us the language of light which opens the pineal gland.


On the first day of spring 6 years ago Mum’s essence rose. She rose like the Raven as an expanded being soaring high into other realms to tap into the higher level of spiritual intelligence. On the third day I collected her ashes and she rose with us to sit on the cafe table for coffee followed by placing her urn on the counter of a crystal shop. The woman played the crystal bowl with Mum vibrating along to the higher vibrational frequency. It may sound strange but a few years on, on the same day of her death, an indigo black feather floated down from my bedroom ceiling. Raven asks us to remember. I had never understood where the black feather came from until now.


“In blackness, everything mingles until drawn forth, out into the light.”

Ted Andrews. Animal-Speak


Note: In love and light to my divine mother who guides me still; to Mel who gave me the Raven’s wing and to Trac who gifted me the wing of Metatron. Trac text me “Wind beneath my wings!”


















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