Self Mastery Newsletter September 2016


If you are not drawn into the drama of life you will see that in the endings that are occurring for many of us. This offers the opportunity to bring many things to completion. Be prepared for a major turning point in your cycle. Finish up, pull together, tie up loose ends, and release any outmoded beliefs and attitudes, past injustices or attachments to people or things that keep you stuck.You are in the wisdom cycle of growing up and creating an inspired rebirth. If you hold on you miss the opportunity of this most profound rebirth. Yet remember before birth we are nurtured in the womb that protects us. As we travel down the birth canal we are in the dark. One way of life ends and a new one begins. It is up to you how you will begin anew and for that matter what you need to release yourself from.


The message is to take each moment as it is without fear and know that every thing you desire can come together as you face a whole new way of life.


You may find your mind working overtime with over analysis and penetrating thoughts that create the beautiful day dreams or the dramas that unfold like nightmares. You will no doubt undergo a major phase of divine conscious awareness.


You are growing from the personal to the impersonal to express the Brotherhood of Man, and to embody the expression of heartfelt, universal love. You are on the leading edge path. By raising your frequencies and introducing to your world the visions of creation nothing hinders you. With the release of ego, ultimate regeneration occurs.


If you have been generous in your time to support with unconditional love, acceptance of those things and people that have tested you and arrived in forgiveness, you will catch a glimpse of your master plan. What that plan is to you is both personal and impersonal. Always see from a bigger picture and stand like the knight in shining armor silhouetted against a blood red sunset.  Continue to work for the good of humanity, with compassion and creative vision, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and of being of higher service to mankind.


For those of you who are of service to family, friends and beyond I want you to know you are a gifted seer and a wise soul that has experienced more than your fair share of pain. You have become the master teacher of self awareness and as an old soul worked with the pulse of the natural, divine heartbeat of the collective. As a visionary you now see the big picture and work towards improving the world in a positive and uplifting manner.  This marks the end of a cycle and a beginning of another.


The truth is that everything is a paradox - what ends is also the eternal beginning. The blood red sunset can be the mark of nature at its best or fires of a hellish war. Remember to use your own interpretation symbolically to gain insight.


If I was to speak to myself I would listen to the Universal Heart to access deeper wisdom. I would allow tears to cleanse me and release me from that which has been troubling me. I would understand life is like a play, sometimes a tragedy and sometimes a comedy. I would cry and laugh without becoming totally consumed by the act and at the end remember the play without holding on to it for years to come.


The gift that comes in September is that everything is aligning for us to surrender.


The symbolic Angelic wings bring profound meaning:

Faith always brings protection. Strong belief in the good of humanity. Release from being bogged down. Lightness of being. Higher aspirations. Spiritual realization. Undergoing transformation. Transcending the human condition. A dreamer. A quantum leap forward.


Let the Source of possibilities guide you as you go through a symbolic death, birth a new divine blue print and complete in the illumination of new light.


















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