The Golden Stepping Stones to Self Mastery

The workshop covers important elements in creating your own stepping stone pathways to the answers you seek.


Evolving consciousness through inner truth.


You learn how to enter the mystery through gaining access to symbology, numerology and intuition that gives you invaluable guidance. It may seem a weird and wacky process, but it is practical.


The magic lies in your own hands.


Through the art of the subconscious, the past, the present and the future direction, threads its way through your drawing.


You will head off in a direction that your intuitive self is guided to create. With ‘no mind’ and with the aligning to source, you will enter the amazing realms of possibilities.


Wisdom is illuminated.


You do not need to know what you are doing consciously or intellectually - it is about spontaneity, intuition and your inner knowing.


Are you ready to take this step into the deeper realms of your subconscious?

Are you ready to consult your higher self instead of having another do it for you?


You transcend your mind of logic and enter

    into the expansive realms of psychic perception.


The process teaches you a unique way to connect. Each stepping stone becomes your chapter from which you will see how your subconscious relays a truth that is both empowering and insightful.



The Stepping Stones workshop was a wonderful experience. The safe and nurturing space allowed me the opportunity to drop my defences and the exercises offered fun and creative outcomes of awareness around my subconscious thoughts and actions. The workshop processes were enlightening, personal and supportive with detailed information and actions to take.

Jane – Radio Producer/Presenter/Voice Over

I just found it very revealing and had sooo many moments that I said to myself "omg! " as it related exactly to what was and is happening in my life or it was an "omg" moment where it just poked me in the guts or heart and it explained a trigger point for me.. . .

Great course.. I loved it and can't wait to see what else arises!

Thank you very much for the safe and comforting environment.

Zarmeen - Business Woman.

It relates completely . . . . I have no idea how it can help me except it describes everything about me including the fact that I am still searching for my identity…I think it is amazing that you can put it into words.

Nicky - Colour and design consultant

I derive such heart fullness from pursuing source and believing that I am holding on to that as that is what matters most - my experience, not my thoughts. . . .

The program rekindled my heart work, my belief in myself and my belief in the universe guiding and supporting.

Claire - Counsellor

The Self Mastery Stepping Stones workshop has given me guidelines on physical, emotional, mental and intuitive levels to accomplish my goals. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Marg - Teacher Computer Studies.


I liked being able to focus on one key aspect of my life. The course is a great combination of Physical and Spiritual Planes. It gives me a really good road map.

Lauren - Self-employed Business Advisor.


Through commitment to my transformation I uncovered my golden nugget on the journey. The nugget is my inherent connection to Infinite Knowledge. . .

The ideas transmitted are profound and enable permanent change and a raise in frequency.

This is self-discipline Spiritual Warrior style and the path of the Initiate.

Tracy - Business owner.




















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